5 Tips to Tone and Lift Your Bust

Here are 5 Tips to tone and lift your Bust

How your breasts look and feel in an integral part of your appearance! But unfortunately, your breast will look way saggy and loose compared to the perkiness when you were 18 years of age. It is a natural phenomenon that happens with age, pregnancy, weight loss and hormonal fluctuations. The skin covering your breast loses elasticity and the aging of the breast tissues causes them to sag.

Let’s be practical, there is nothing you can do to tone up your bust like an 18-year old. However, if you can financially spend in a surgery, you might get some dramatic results, but that is not a universal solution. So here are some tips and hacks to prevent your breasts from pre-mature sagging and giving them a toned up look. It is a mix-n-match of some lifestyle changes, posture habits and a couple of exercises that will target your chest muscles giving them a perkier look.


Here are 5 Tips to tone and lift your Bust:

1. Always wear a pair of supportive bras when exercising

Exercising is healthy but it stresses your breasts a lot of not taken the proper precaution. Invest in a supportive and fitted sports bra before you start your exercise regime. These days a variety of sports bras are available in the market to support breasts of different shapes and sizes. Look for bras with thick racerback straps for added support to your breast muscles and tissues.


2. Have a good posture

Your posture plays an important role in the shape of your breasts. Don’t walk or sit with a hunched back. This posture rolls your shoulder forward while relaxing your breast muscles and causing them to droop. A straightened stance will keep your breast muscles engaged while preventing the sagging breasts.


3. Lose weight the healthy way, avoid weight fluctuations

A crash diet plan for weight loss will lead to the inelastic skin causing your breast muscles to sag. Instead of a fad weight loss diet, try adapting to green veggies and colorful fruits with a high protein diet. Control your portions and follow an exercise regime for healthy and gradual weight loss.


4. Exercises to tone your bust

Exercise is a good way to tone your breast muscles and firm your bust line. Try a few of the following exercises:

  • Swimming – Practice freestyle strokes, breaststrokes, and butterfly strokes. These movements engage your breast muscles thus firming them up over time.
  • Push-ups – Traditional pushups not just strengthen your arms and shoulder muscles, but also tone your bust.
  • Weighted Bench press – This weight lifting exercise using dumbbells provides resistance to your chest muscles making them perkier and improving their appearance over time.


5. Always sleep on your back

Don’t choose a side when you are sleeping. Sleeping on either one side of your chest will tend to stretch and sag the muscles and tissues of the elevated breast. It is best to sleep on your back always.

Also, don’t wear a bra to bed as the elastic and underwires of the bra will decrease the natural ability of the breasts to self-lift.

 Look Good to Feel Good!

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