How can you prevent suicide and protect your loved ones

How to prevent suicide

In India, suicide is very common and a shocking 1/3rd of the world’s female suicide and 1/4th of male suicide is from the nation. Compared with the suicide rate in 1990, India’s global share to the number of suicides is on a significant rise. Why is India’s suicide rate so high? What has gone wrong? Most people believe that fearfulness; cowardly attitude and stupidity are the main reasons why people commit suicide. This is very unfortunate! Suicide is not an easy choice, nobody wants to kill themselves. It is very easy to judge people but it is difficult to walk in their shoes. Have you ever thought what a person has gone through to choose to self-kill? They might have tried very hard to live in peace but have lost to the struggle.  They might have tried talking to someone, but in turn, faced rebuke. They might have been patient of silent depression for years on end and considered it the best decision to give up life. You never know! So, don’t judge, instead try and help your loved ones if they are having suicidal thoughts. Your understanding and maturity can save a life.


Here’s what you can do:

All of us can play our individual roles to prevent suicide. However, first of all, you must recognize the warning symptoms and signs that will indicate that a person is in trouble.



Sleep is first affected when a person is emotionally and psychologically disturbed. Having suicidal thoughts will keep them overtly anxious and agitated at all times as they are desperate to find a solution on how to cope up with their psychological pressure. They find it difficult to calm their mind and hence their sleep is disturbed.


Sense of hopelessness

If you feel someone is talking very lightly about his or her life, having a feeling of worthlessness, it can be a warning sign for you. If he is not comfortable speaking before everyone, take him in confidence and try to understand how he is feeling and why he is feeling that way. Surprisingly enough, you might find that their problem needs a direction to be solved and you can give a push to that direction.


Making preparations

Did your friend give away his most favourite belonging to you? Did you ask him why? Is he talking about ending his life, even jokingly? Don’t take it lightly. Your friend might actually be contemplating suicide. If they are purchasing some weapon (even something as minuscule as a blade) or desperately and without a reason purchasing sleeping pills, be cautious.



If someone close to you is isolating himself and staying a3way from social gatherings and friendly conversations, it’s time that you have a good chat with that person. If that person is constantly feeling that everyone is better off without him, know that they might be thinking suicide.

Identify these signs and talk a person out of their suicidal thoughts.

  • Tell him that you care for him and he is an important part of your life
  • Talk to him directly if they were considering suicide and why
  • Don’t leave the person alone. Even silent support can mean a lot and they may rethink their decision
  • Get to know if that person is visiting a healthcare professional. If yes, accompany him to the doctor immediately.


You can prevent suicide if you act bravely and with maturity. There are many suicide helpline numbers. Seek help. 


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