How to identify the Symptoms of Brain Stroke

Brain stroke symptoms

What is a stroke?

A stroke is a life-threatening condition that occurs when a part of the brain gets no or reduced blood supply. That deprives the brain tissue of nutrition and oxygen and your brain starts to die in a matter of a few minutes. A stroke attack is clearly a medical emergency and prompt treatment is required to save a life and minimize further complications.

Stroke is one among the top ten killers in India and since the past 25 years, the prevalence of stroke has increased by 50%. People over 55 years of age are at higher risk of stroke and the risk increases with age. Also if you have some existing illness like diabetes and heart diseases, the risk of stroke increases.

Stroke is life-threatening and hence it is important for everyone to be aware of and identify the common signs of strokes. It is important to take action immediately because every second matter in a brain stroke as parts of your brain have stopped getting oxygen and can fail to function at any moment.


Signs and Symptoms of a stroke:

A stroke commonly affects and paralyzes one half of the body. These symptoms of stroke generally numb a particular side of the body.

Here are some common signs and symptoms that will help you to identify a stroke and take action immediately. These are the first three early signs of stroke:


Face Drooping –

One side of your face muscles get numb and it begins to droop. If asked to smile, it will look uneven.

Weakened Arms –

In case of stroke, muscles on one side of your body start to become numb. One arm starts experiencing weakness and it gets difficult to raise the arm. The arm starts drifting downwards.


Speech Difficulty –

When asked to talk, a person experiencing a stroke will speak in incoherent language, meaning the words will slur and it gets difficult to understand the speech. 


Blurred Vision –

Vision also gets affected when a person is beginning to have a stroke. Vision in one or both eyes gets blurred.


A Sudden Headache –

Experiencing headache suddenly is common and does not necessarily mean a stroke. However, when your headache is severe with vomiting and dizziness, it might signify the onset of a stroke.


Loss of Balance –

When a person suddenly loses balance and trips over while walking experiencing difficulty to gain further balance or strength to walk, he may be having an attack of a stroke.  It may be accompanied by dizziness.


If you see any such sign or symptom, call an ambulance immediately for paramedic assistance. Taking action and getting immediate treatment can save a life. 


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