How to Test and Find out if you are Pregnant

if you are pregnant or not, you might try taking one of these tests at home

Missed periods? Vomiting sensation? Morning sickness? Painful breasts? Or is it simply your instinct that has been poking you that you might be pregnant? Well, ladies what better than to get a test done!

While all these signs point towards your chance of pregnancy, they might also be for some other health reasons. None of the tests done at home are 100% accurate. These tests might give you a false-negative or a false-positive result.
However, for an initial confirmation, if you are pregnant or not, you might try taking one of these tests at home.

Pregnancy strip kits:

Pharmacies today are flooded with a number of pregnancy test kits that more or less give you an accurate result although no test other than the one done at a lab is deemed to be perfect.
This is nothing but a urine test that checks for the presence of HCG. It is advised to wait for a week after you have missed your period for the most accurate result. Also if you do the test with the first-morning urine, it is said to give you a proper result.
An at-home urine test is said to give a 99% accurate result. But if you get a ‘single line’ (negative result), wait for a week more to check if you get your period. If no periods, test again. If the result still comes negative, visit a doctor.

If you are not sure of your pregnancy and do not wish to purchase a pregnancy kit from a store, here are some at-home tests for you.

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Urine in a clear jar pregnancy test:

It’s a simple testa and all you have to do is collect your first-morning urine in a clear jar or a cup. Let it sit on a flat surface for a whole 24 hours. Now check. If it looks the same, you might not be pregnant; but if you notice a flimsy-like white layer on top of the urine, chances are high that you can be pregnant. Visit a doctor in such a case.

Sugar pregnancy test:

This is the most inexpensive and easy way to find out if you are pregnant. Take around 3-4 tsp. of white granulated sugar in a bowl. You might either directly urinate on it or collect your urine in a container and pour it out on the sugar. Wait for 10 minutes. How does the sugar look now? If it has dissolved, you are not pregnant, but if it clumps together and crystallizes, you are pregnant.

Toothpaste pregnancy test:

This is an everyday household item that confirms your pregnancy at home. Use a white toothpaste for this. Squeeze out about two tbsps. of toothpaste in a clean bowl and pour urine on it. Wait for 5-10 minutes and see if any reaction happens. If the toothpaste turns blue in color or becomes frothy, you might be pregnant.

These pregnancy tests although not science-backed, are said to yield accurate pregnancy results. But it always best to visit a hospital and check with a gynecologist or an obstetrician. They get you started with a blood test followed by an ultrasound to check the status of your pregnancy.

Blood Test :

This is the first test that a doctor will recommend you to confirm if you are pregnant and your stage of pregnancy. It tests the presence of a hormone called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) and confirms your pregnancy.


After your pregnancy is confirmed, the doctor asks you to go for an ultrasound test to check on your embryo.

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Happy Pregnancy!


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