10 Cancer Symptoms You Should Know About

Cancer symptomsCancer ranks as one of the leading causes of death worldwide. There is practically nothing that can be done when detected with cancer. Surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation are some primary treatments to kill the cancer cells but these forms of treatment deteriorate the quality of life although treating cancer. Although early detection and awareness can prevent cancer to some extent, it is important to note that cancer caused by family history, heritage, age, gender, and ethnicity are unavoidable. Therefore you should listen to your body and never ignore these common symptoms that might be odd, unnatural or unexplainable.

Be aware of these 10 Cancer symptoms:

1. A persistent cough

If you are a smoker, then a nagging cough might be a concern for you. If you cough up blood, visit your doctor at once as it might be a symptom of lung cancer. However, for non-smokers, a persistent cough might be symptomatic of asthma, infection or acid reflux.

2. Bloating

It is very common to bloat up after a heavy meal, gas formation, constipation or before periods in women. But if the bloating is constant and accompanied with other symptoms like fatigue, drastic weight loss, and pelvic pain, check with your doctor. It might be a sign of ovarian cancer in women.

3. Swollen lymph nodes

Swollen lymph nodes often happen when you are fighting flu or cold or other similar infection. But a swollen lymph node that persists without any infections might have to be checked by a doctor. Often cancers like lymphoma and leukemia can cause such adamant swellings.

4. Trouble swallowing

You might have trouble swelling when you have caught a bad cold and your tonsils are inflamed. But if it is not because of cold or acid reflux, then cancer might have developed in the throat or the esophagus. Consult with a doctor. He will likely do a barium x-ray to find out the issue.

5. Weight loss

If you are on a weight loss diet and you lose weight, don’t fret. But if you lose more than 5 kg of weight without any effort like diet change or exercise, go to your doctor at once. Weight loss can be the early sign of lung, pancreas, or stomach cancer.

6. Frequent Fever

It is said that fever is a good sign because it indicates that your body’s immune system is strong enough to fight infections on its own. But it might not be good news always as a persistent fever might indicate signs of blood cancer like leukemia or lymphoma.

7. Indigestion and heartburn

These are our everyday concern and there is nothing to be concerned about. Bring a change in your diet and lifestyle, have some OTC medicines for indigestion, you’ll be as fit as a fiddle. But if you have done it all but still you experience indigestion, make sure to visit a doctor. Your doctor might run some tests and check if you might be having stomach cancer.

8. Fatigue

Excessive tiredness and fatigue is also something that we experience after a long day at work and with inadequate sleep. But at times even rest doesn’t seem to help. You still feel sluggish. Besides other health conditions that might contribute to your tiredness, it might also be due to colon or stomach cancer that leads to blood loss that can’t be seen.

9. Abnormal periods

Most of the women have faced some complications or the other in their period cycle at some point in their lives and they choose to ignore it. Although it is nothing much to be worried about as abnormal periods might be due to thyroid, benign cyst, endometriosis or stress, but if you are having a heavy flow for months on end with acute pelvic pain, talk to a doctor. It could be signs of ovarian or cervical cancer.

10. A Chronic headache

If you have a migraine or sinusitis, having headaches frequently is common. But if there is no such history and you start experiencing such headaches every once in a while, be sure to check with your doctor. It might be lymphoma or brain cancer.


Always listen to your body. Never ignore any unfamiliar symptom, it is important to talk it out with your doctor. Early detection of cancer can save your life or the life of your loved one.

How you perceive your body is the best bet for early cancer detection.


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