3 Tips from Baba Ramdev for Pimple-free Glowing Skin

baba ramdev skin tips

We all wish for a glowing and pimple-free clear skin. We look for so many videos over the social media and try to find a solution to this problem. While we try to find cosmetics that will help us get rid of our pimples, there are so many home remedies too that work on some skin type while flares up a different skin type. So today, we’ll give you a few tips coming from the Yog Guru Baba Ramdev himself. He has for years been teaching us the art of good living, and now some beauty tips too. Isn’t that fascination? Going by the fact that his tips on good health and lifestyle are always foolproof, it is no wonder that the products and the tips he has shared with us will give us a glowing and fresh skin eliminating pimples gradually.

He shares with us 3 special cures that will help us attain a clear, glowing and pimple-free skin

1. Kanti Lep

This medicine is especially for those who have inflamed skin with lots of pimple, acne and other unwanted skin problems. The best thing about kantilep is that it is made of entirely natural and herbal ingredients that are friendly to skin health. It is available in powder form and there are 4-5 ways of applying this to the skin.

  • Mix with a ripe banana to make a paste out of it and apply on face.
  • Use ripe papaya with the powder to make a paste-like face pack for the application.
  • You can also mix it with Patanjali honey to apply on face.
  • This powder can also be mixed with Patanjali aloe vera gel to make a paste-like composition.
  • Another way of using this is mixing it with raw cow milk and applying on face.

This medicinal pack not just keeps your skin clear of pimples but also makes it supple and soft

2. Liv Amrit 

Pimples or acne is largely a skin problem of today’s youth and a weak liver has been attributed to this. Consumption of excess fast food and oily food is responsible for a feeble functioning liver. Too much salt or sweet, regular disturbance in eating and sleeping patterns, digestive problems and stress all account for liver not functioning well. Liv Amrit addresses those internal problems that show in the form of ugly stubborn pimples on the skin. It not only clears your liver off toxins but also purifies the blood.

3. Kayakalp Giloy Ghanvati 

Have 2 tablets daily, one on the morning and one in the evening. This detoxifies the blood and clears skin of pimples, acne problems and other skin issues like spots, marks, and eczema. It regenerates skin cells and removes skin pigmentation. It keeps your skin healthy from within and gives a natural glow and radiance to your skin.

These are some simple tips shared by Baba Ramdev to give you a skin you wish for. However, always consult a doctor before you consume the tablets and tonic.


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