Memory Boosting Supplements

So how can memory be improved? Here are some best memory boosting supplements available in the Indian marketIf you are a student and having memory problems, your parents might be frantically searching for a medicine or some product that might miraculously boost your memory and concentration. At times, even working professionals suffer from restlessness, lack of concentration and reduced cognitive power. Moreover, we also know that Alzheimer’s patients face real memory short comings.


So How can Memory be Improved? Here are some best Memory Boosting Supplements available in the Indian Market:

1. Himalaya Mentat Tablet

These tablet supplements are composed of memory boosting ingredients like Brahmi, Ashwagandha and Madhukaparni. Brahmi, the key ingredient has memory enhancing effects and is known to improving learning abilities and maintain cognitive functions. It is also used to treat certain mental disorders.  Ashwagandha and Madhukaparni also has rejuvenating properties while preventing cognitive impairment. All the components of this product collectively improve concentration while calming stress and anxiety disorders.


2. Himalaya Pure Herbs Brahmi Mind Wellness Tablet

This supplement by Himalaya contains the whole Brahmi plant extract. This is best suitable for young adults and working professionals as it improves memory and learning along with cognitive development. It is also known to help elderly people with memory problems related to dementia.
It is a 100% vegetarian product that is free from sugar, artificial colours and flavours or preservatives.


3. InLife Brahmi Extract

These InLife supplements in the form of capsules is composed of brahmi as their key ingredient. If you are suffering from weak memory or lack of concentration, make sure to take one capsule daily with water before meal. This capsule helps to calm down your mental senses, improve your cognitive power and support mental alertness. Brahmi contains a component called Saponins that improves sleep.

Though these supplements are completely safe, it is always advisable to take them under medical supervision to rule out any complication in case you are taking some other medications.


4. Amway Nutrilite Brahmi

This tablet supplements have brahmi also called Bacopa monnieri as their active ingredient. Besides supporting your cognitive development, it also helps in improving the function of the central nervous system, attention and concentration. This certified organic herb also supports mental agility.


Vitamin Supplements to Improve Memory:

Vitamin B12 -

It has long been researched that there is a prominent relation between low levels of Vitamin B12 and loss of memory. An adequate amount of Vitamin B12 combined with omega-3 in your diet can improve memory and concentration in younger adults while decreasing cognitive decline in patients with early Alzheimer’s.


Vitamin E – 

Vitamin E is said to support mind and memory of older people. Patients with moderate Alzheimer’s symptoms can get cognitive development with Vitamin E supplements. Nuts, seeds, berries and vegetables like spinach and bell peppers are rich in Vitamin E content.


Before taking any supplements, do consult with your doctor. They are the best people to guide you.


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