5 Common Mistakes that might be hindering your Weight Loss

weight loss mistakes

Eating in small amounts, zero calories, exercising daily, drinking a lot of water, having green tea and apple cider vinegar; I’m doing it all, but still am unable to lose weight. What is going wrong? Will I ever lose weight?

These are some questions that might be rising in your mind when you have tried everything under the sun but still fail to lose weight. Depression and frustration follow that affects not only your personal life but also productivity at your workplace. You feel low in confidence and self-esteem that hinders you from having a social life.


Here are some common mistakes that most people make on their weight loss journey. Are you one of them too? Find out:

Mistake #1: Are you not eating enough?

On the pursuit to lose weight fast, most people skip meals or eat very less. A few days to less eating might shed those pounds fast but when hunger creates havoc in your stomach, you might get back to binge-eating to relieve the hunger pang. This act piles on double the weight you have lost.

Eating little and skipping meals is a very bad approach to losing weight. The more you cut back on calories, the more you tend to gain weight as your metabolic rate slows down


Mistake #2: Are you having protein?

Protein is one of the most important nutrients for weight loss. It can boost up your metabolism by multiple times and you will automatically eat fewer calories through the day.

It has been found out that if you have a protein-rich breakfast it will keep you full all through the day and also reduce your cravings. A protein-rich diet can also prevent slowing down metabolism which is a common side-effect of weight loss.


Mistake #3: Are you too stressed out?

If you have a weight machine at home and the readings on it each day are stressing you out about your weight, get rid of it right away.  If you are not aware, let’s get this clear, stress is directly related to weight gain. Stress increases cortisol production that increases appetite and starts storing fat around your tummy. It increases cravings for sugar and fatty food that gives comfort. Stress also tires you out and you are just in no mood to work out.

So, stress less and workout more. Eat healthily and lose weight.


Mistake #4: Are you sitting a lot?

Do you have a desk job at the office that requires you to sit for long hours at a stretch? If so, you need to change your routine a bit. Set an alarm on your smartwatch or phone after every hour. Take time off for 10 minutes and walk around or stretch a bit. Research says that if you have a sedentary life and sit for long hours, then your body stops producing the fat-inhibiting enzyme lipase.


Mistake #5: Do you have any underlying health condition?

There are many health conditions that might be the reason for your inability to lose weight.

  • Hypothyroidism
  • Gestational diabetes
  • Depression
  • Cushing Syndrome
  • PCOS
  • Fatty liver disease
  • SIBO

Visit a doctor if you are finding it difficult to lose weight and check for any of the above health conditions.

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Obesity can increase your risk of developing a number of diseases like stroke, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and certain forms of cancer. Analyze your diet, change your lifestyle and talk to a dietitian for healthy weight loss.


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