5 Easy Exercises to get rid of Love Handles

Love handles exercise

It started a year back! I observed my pair of bulging love handles that I had so lovingly nurtured. Being too busy with kids, household and work, I never cared to exercise.  My leisure time revolved around cooking, watching TV and sleeping but barely did I think that I could easily sneak in some simple exercises during my leisure hours.

Love Handles are stubborn and very difficult to get rid of, but not impossible. I had read that fat deposition around the abdominal area is a sign of many health risks. I decided to take action and nip love handles while it was still in the budding stage.

Here are some exercises that I practiced and have been benefitted. These exercises have to be done in a circuit (back-to-back with little rest in between). Each exercise should be done in 2-3 reps.

Always breathe while you are exercising. Don’t hold back your breath. Your muscles will get tired due to lack of oxygen.


Russian Twists –

This is a very effective exercise to burn fat from your love handles.

Russian twist

  • Sit on the floor with bent knees. Keep your heels at a foot’s distance from your hips.
  • Start reclining your upper body back towards the floor. You’ll start feeling your abdominal cores getting engaged.
  • Bring your arms together placing it in front of you. Position yourself comfortably.
  • Tighten your core muscles and slowly twist your body to your right. Don’t just swing your hands; your ribs should be rotating from right to left.
  • Complete 15 rotations and complete a rep.
Bicycle Crunches –

This exercise engages your core, love handles and oblique.

Bicycle crunches

  • Lie down flat on the back and keep your hand behind your head.
  • Raise your legs at least a foot above the floor.
  • Now bend your left knee and bring it towards your chest. Simultaneously twist your body to meet your right elbow with your left knee.
  • Now straighten the left leg and repeat the same with your right leg and left elbow.
  • 15 Bicycle crunches will finish a rep. 


Side Planks –

Planks are a great way to tone your core and side planks target your obliques.

Side Planks

  • Lie on the right side of your body, legs one on top of another and elbow directly underneath your shoulder.
  • Once you have balanced yourself thus, try to steadily lift your body by supporting yourself on the right elbow.
  • Hold this position for atleast 30 seconds.
  • Change sides and repeat similarly.


Mountain Climbers –

This is an ultimate core exercise but twisting it a bit with some variation can target your love handles.

Mountain climbers

  • Begin by positioning yourself in a plank.
  • Tighten your core muscles.
  • Now bring your right knee up to your left elbow.
  • Repeat with the other side too.
  • Your transition should be brisk and fluid without any pauses.

Side Bends –

This is a slow and controlled movement that should initiate from your core

Side Bends

  • Stand with your feet apart at shoulder width. Hold a dumbbell in your right hand.
  • Now bend down from your waist along with the weight.
  • Pull yourself up from your core and bring your body to the starting position. 
  • Repeat on the other side too.


Let’s fight away those love handles!



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