5 Easy Tips to Relieve Cough and Congestion

there are also a few reliefs which we can use in our daily life to relieve ourselves with a cough and congestion.

We all have had a cold and cough since our childhood especially in winters. The remedy which we follow is rubbing balm or having medicine. As we think these are the possible measures that are available but there are also a few reliefs which we can use in our daily life to relieve ourselves with a cough and congestion.

1. Ginger

Ginger has always helped us in many ways. It has the properties of relieving from a cough, nausea and pain.

It has an anti-inflammatory compound that relaxes the airway membranes which decreases a cough. Many studies have proved to be also effective in stomach upset or acidity.

Ginger tea by adding fresh ginger to slices to cup can help, also honey or lemon juice can be added to soothe cough.

2. Steam

Steam can help in relieving against wet cough or mucus. Steam can also be taken by adding few essential oils like eucalyptus or rosemary that relieves decongestion. People in few countries also use cool mist humidifier or steam vaporizers which are easily available in stores and online.

3. Salt-water gargle

It is the most effective treatment of a sore throat and wet cough. Saltwater reduces phlegm and mucus in the back of the throat that reduces a cough.

A teaspoon of salt in the cup can be added in warm water and used for gargling. Gargling several times in a day would help in improving the condition. Children younger than 6 years may not be able to gargle properly so warm water can be given to them.

4. Vitamin C

Many studies have shown that taking supplements of vitamin C like citrus fruits, dark leafy vegetables, and kiwi can reduce the duration and severity of a common cold. It also reduces the risk of cold due to the frequency of exposure, especially in children.

5. Milk and turmeric

Readily available in all the kitchens of India and all the preparations are incomplete without turmeric. Turmeric can be mixed in warm milk and drinking this before sleeping will help fast in relieving from a cough and cold. It also acts as a strong anti-oxidant in treating many problems.

Few tips to prevent cold

  • Avoid contact with people already having a cold that may lead to contamination
  • Wash hands to prevent and remove any bacteria and virus
  • Use a disinfectant to wash towels, bed sheets and toys
  • Staying hydrated with water, juice, warm lemon water with honey that helps in reducing congestion.
  • Stay away from alcohol, coffee or sodas which causes dehydration
  • Get enough sleep – giving rest to the body so that it heals better and faster
  • Taking supplements like zinc, vitamin C and probiotics.

Sometimes a simple allergy may cause cold like symptoms. It’s important to reduce these factors which trigger due to pollen, dust or any other reason. Following natural remedies is a good option to avoid reoccurrence and builds up immunity but if the cold persists for longer duration consulting the doctor is important because it can also be due to various other reasons. 


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