5 Most Effective Sanitary Napkin for An Active Girl

Here we have narrowed down the 5 most effective Sanitary Napkin suitable for an Active GirlGetting your period every month seems like a headache, not to mention the uncomfortable symptoms that get associated with it. Your everyday activity gets restricted to quite an extent. The fear of leakage, blotting, comfort, and hygiene remains some primary concerns during our monthly periods. There are multiple brands available in the Indian market. The moment you reach the ‘personal hygiene’ aisle in a supermarket, you see a number of brands and you find it difficult to pick the one that will best suit your need.


Here we have narrowed down the 5 most effective Sanitary Napkin suitable for an Active Girl:

1. Whisper Ultra Clean

This is one of the most trusted brands available in the Indian market and provides a long lasting superior protection. In spite of being ultra thin to provide the best comfort, it has a super absorbing core that pulls away leakage from the edges. It has longer wings giving you extra protection and keeps you tension free even on days of heavy flow. These pads are the most suitable for active women.

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2. Stayfree dry max

This Stayfree sanitary napkin beside being budget-friendly is ideal for long-time protection. The pads have a dry-max cover and super lock pockets provide optimum absorption and keep you dry for long hours. It has a gel-based core for quick absorption of fluid and keeps you comfortable and clean.

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3. She Comfort Ultra

The period rash is a very common complaint among almost all women. However, these pads are made with cotton and have a super soft cover so the period rash is out of the question. Its special hydrophobic non-woven, non-plastic edges with gel technology give you maximum and quick absorbency and also prevent side leakage.


4. Kotex Soft & Smooth

These pads with a cottony cover also prevent uncomfortable rashes. If you had rash during the beginning of your period, use Kotex on days with the lesser flow as it feels comfortable on the skin. Its contoured edge also prevents leakage.


5. Sofy Sidewalls

Leaking from the edge of the pad is a common affair but Sofy Side walls have been specially designed to prevent leakage during movement. It has a long-lasting double-absorbent core with gel technology to absorb heavy flow and lock wetness giving you comfort for long hours.

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