5 Reasons Why Your Newborn Cries So Much

reasons why a newborn baby cries

Four years back I had welcomed my bundle of joy into this world. She was the most beautiful lump of flesh and blood I had ever seen. I welcomed her with a smile, but she? She welcomed me with a loud shrieking cry and it continued for quite some time. I comforted myself because movies have made us believe that a baby crying right after being born is the sign of a healthy baby. Well, my baby was fine and I was the happiest. She was taken away for the regular newborn baby checkup and cleanup, still crying. A little time after I was shifted to the recovery room, the nurse brought my tiny one and placed her on my chest. I took some time to admire her but she seemed to have some other plans. She was nuzzling herself into my chest and started crying again, this time with an even higher decibel. Seeing my confused look, the nurse told me that she is hungry and wants to feed. But it is always difficult to understand the latching technique at the first go. My girl was way too impatient to understand that and cried incessantly. And these episodes of crying kept continuing for the next few months. Being a new mom, I was totally flabbergasted in the beginning.  I had no idea what to do or how to soothe her. Once she used to start crying, she never stopped. It found myself crying trying to decode my baby’s cry.

And this article today is coming from personal experience. Let me tell you 5 different reasons why babies cry.

1. Your baby might be hungry

My first few days after her birth was a nightmare since she kept crying for most of the night and the reason being she was hungry. She was unable to latch properly and was not getting enough milk. Since a baby’s stomach is very small, she cannot hold much for long hours and needs to be fed frequently. If you are breastfeeding chances are that your baby might need to drink milk very often before she seems settled and contented. Give time for her to feed, she will come off by herself when she is full.

2. Your baby might be colicky

A gassy and colicky baby is usually very uncomfortable and communicates to you through crying. There are also other signs like clenching fists, drawing up knees and arching the back that may be a sign of colic in your baby.  This is very common and even doctors consider this as a part of the developmental stage. But a colicky baby cries persistently that tenses parents and refuses to accept any efforts of soothing.

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However, if your baby is crying excessively, take her to a paediatrician to rule out any other causes.

3. Your baby might need to be held

You need to understand that your baby is new to this world, to the surroundings and the environment. You might keep your baby on the baby cot or on the bed without a physical contact. Your baby might feel insecure and needs to be cuddled and reassurance for comfort. This had happened a number of times with my baby. Even after being full, she used to cry a lot. I would hold her close to my heart and she would cease crying. Our baby loves the sound of our heartbeat, the warmth of our body and the mother’s smell. Sing a little lullaby to her, she’ll calm down.

4. Your baby might be too hot or too cold

For a long period of nine months, your baby had been cozily inside your womb. But the sudden change of temperature outside might make her uncomfortable. Check her tummy or the back of her neck to see how she might be feeling. Don’t overdress your baby. For comfort, just dress her in two layers of clothing.

5. Your baby might be crying without a reason

Yes, you heard that right! Don’t you feel fussy and restless at times? Is there a specific reason every time? No! You might just need some attention from your loved one. That’s it! Your baby is the same. She might just cry because she needs your attention. She needs to be close to you. Most of the times, a skin-to-skin touch is enough to soothe a crying newborn.

Other reasons why your newborn might be crying can be because she needs a nappy change or she wants to sleep.

Keep calm and handle your baby with ease. You are the mother and will eventually understand your baby’s communication.

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