5 Simple Tips to Boost Your Metabolism

Here are 5 Simple Tips that will help you up your Metabolism

What is metabolism?

The term used to describe all the chemical reactions happening in the body is called metabolism. It is one of the most important functions in the body that keeps the system alive and running.

The process that breaks down food and converts it into energy is called metabolism. It is a term which is also used to describe the number of calories we burn and the excess weight we can keep off our body. If you are burning more calories, you are losing more weight and you also get the energy to function well.

Most people these days complain of a weakened metabolism that leads to obesity and in turn a number of life-threatening health conditions.


Here are 5 Simple Tips that will help you up your Metabolism:

1. NEVER skip your breakfast

It is not for nothing that breakfast is called the most important meal of the day. Every article related to health and fitness stresses the importance of having breakfast every morning. We are, at times, in the habit of skipping our breakfast due to lack of time. But not having a proper breakfast actually slows down our metabolism and makes you feel lethargic. It also increases your risk of obesity.


2. Do Cardio

If you want to increase metabolism via exercise, take to cardio and aerobics. Short bouts of intense cardio like running, jumping, cycling, brisk walking or swimming are high-intensity interval training workouts that burn more than 200 calories per day.

Also lifting weights is another way of burning calories even after you finish your workout session. Take shorter breaks in between your sets of exercises to improve the metabolic burn.

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3. Eat Proteins

Eating protein helps to raise the metabolic rate. It increases the metabolic rate by 15 – 30% as compared to fats and carbs. Protein also prevents muscle loss and reduces the drop in metabolism.


4. Drink cold water

Are you in the habit of sipping on sugary energy boosting drinks between workouts? If yes, give up this awful habit right away. Drinking water speeds up your metabolism for some time. German researchers have also said that drinking 6 cups of cold water daily improves metabolic rate and burns 50 calories more. This might happen as metabolism works twice as much to regulate internal body temperature after intake of cold water.


5. Green tea to the rescue

Green Tea is termed as a wonder drink as it is not only rich in antioxidants but also increases metabolism by 4 -5%. Due to an increase in metabolic rate, green tea speeds up fat oxidation and also helps in weight loss.

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Follow these 5 very simple ways to boost your metabolism. Improve your lifestyle and your eating habits. That’s the best you can do to be healthy and stay in shape. 


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