5 Simple Tricks to Stay in Shape

Here are 5 easy hacks that will help you stay in shape

Staying in shape is the biggest challenge these days. It takes a lot of effort and time. Getting a perfect body is that one unrequited love that we all hanker for. When we look at our favorite celebrity photo shoots or on the TV, haven’t we all thought and sighed “I wish I had a figure like her!” That might be a far-fetched dream but we can definitely try to shed off the extra weight and flab to look and feel great. It is not very tough provided we follow a routine. Fitness gurus and celebs sing the same tune that you need to be habitual enough to practice a healthy lifestyle. However, that being said it gets quite difficult for a parent, a professional, a spouse and a household manager to perform all the roles single-handedly. For such warriors, 24 hours seems like a less time, let alone following a fitness schedule.

Here are 5 easy hacks that will help you stay in shape:

1. Shop smart

‘We are what we eat’ - this is an Ayurvedic belief.  Our health and shape depend largely on what is on our plate. The shelves with packaged food may be very enticing and it might be difficult to resist your temptation but it is important to avoid such buys if you want to stay healthy and fit. These are highly processed food with a lot of chemicals and preservatives that is high-calorie and high-sugar content. They have no nutrients in them thus making them the worst food choices.

The next time you visit your neighborhood supermarket, try not to fill your cart with chips, frozen meat and meals or soda. Steer clear of those aisles and but only fresh fruits and vegetables, yogurt, or fresh meat and fish. These are easily digestible and also regulate a healthy metabolism.

2. Exercise daily, no matter how

It is important to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. You certainly do not need to sweat in the gym at all times. Always remember that ‘smaller changes can make a bigger difference’. Try sneaking in exercises in your daily routine.

  • Wake up fifteen minutes early and do some quick warm-up exercises before you start your day.
  • Try 10-20 reps to two sets of squats while you are on the phone.
  • Sprint up the stairs to reach your office floor. Ditch the elevator.
  • Do some little stretches when you take breaks between work hours.


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3. Eat more than 3 meals in a day

The key to staying in good shape in eating small meals all through the day. But we have a different pattern of eating. We eat two or three large meals to fill ourselves up; sometimes a barely-there or decent breakfast in the morning, a light lunch in office that is followed by a hearty dinner after a span of 8-9 hours following lunch. That is a very wrong approach to eating.

We must keep snacking all through the day so that our metabolism keeps running and we keep getting the required energy. Eat a fruit or a nut or a green sandwich maybe. It will not only keep you full but also keep off stress.

Deepika Padukone is one among the many celebrities who follow the ‘several small meals every two hours’ pattern.

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4. Don’t follow a diet

Every other day, there is a new diet plan set out over the internet and floating in the social media targeted to people looking out for a weight-loss diet plan. Some of those plans are outright impractical.

Trust me, dieting does not help. It might be a temporary solution to your weight problem but after you stop the diet routine, you start gaining weight even more.

Instead, strictly try following a healthy and balanced diet devoid of all processed food and only fresh food and meals. You should feel energized throughout the day to manage both work and workouts without feeling exhausted.

5. Sleep well

Sleeping is another important trick to stay in good shape. It is as important as exercise. Try to get a minimum of 7 hours sleep. Sleeping regulates your metabolism, repairs muscles and gives energy to workout.

Be healthy and Stay in shape!


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