5 Simple Ways to Lose Weight Naturally

Weight loss

How to lose weight?

The moment we type this, there are hundreds of remedies all over the internet that will give you ‘proven’ weight loss methods. But how many of them can you rely on? Most of them have no scientific explanation and makes us question if we are taking the right decision. Staring from supplements to various diet programs, weight loss technique is a hot topic over the internet.

But on our quest to achieve faster results we often forget that there many natural remedies that are scientifically proven to help lose weight safely.


1. Eat healthy

The first step to safe weight loss is a high-protein, low-calorie diet.  It is always said that the best nutrient for weight loss is protein.  Protein keeps you full for longer periods and also speeds up metabolism process. Studies have proved that people on a high-protein diet eat 400 fewer calories per day.

Also go for whole, single-ingredient foods like whole fruits, veggies, brown rice, whole grains, legumes, seeds, nuts, fish, eggs, meat or dairy. You will also get a mix of the many nutrients that are needed for a healthy body function. In simple words, eat foods that are found naturally, not the ones that are factory-packed.


2. Avoid processed food

With added sugar, fats and calories, processed foods should better be avoided. These foods are addictive and make us eat in huge quantities. They also contain multiple preservatives that prevent absorption of nutrients and put on unwanted pounds. They also disturb the blood sugar levels.


3. Limit sugar intake 

When hungry between meals, we often have the habit of munching on cookies or have a donut. Since they have too much added sugar in them, it leads to obesity that in turn can be a trigger to many life-threatening diseases like cardio-vascular diseases, certain types of cancer and type 2 diabetes.

Unknowingly we might be having too much sugar per day, so while on a weight loss spree, it is best to give these foods a miss. However, you can indulge in limited quantities of such food once in a while.


4. Keep an eye on what you are drinking

Even your fluid intake is important if you want to lose weight healthily. Water is the best fluid when it comes to weight loss. Drinking water before meals will limit your calorie intake. Also when thirsty, replacing coke or soda with water is a good option. Coke or soda has added sugar in them that increases your weight automatically.

Also drinks like packaged fruit juice, soft drinks, milkshakes and energy drinks have a lot of calories in them that increase the risk of obesity. Such drinks should also be avoided for children because they have heaps of sugar in them. However, kids seem to love milkshakes which you can make them at home so that you have a control on the sugar you are adding.

You can also consider drinking green tea and green coffee that are good fat burning boosters.


5. Exercise

While aiming for weight loss, along with healthy food habits, you should keep twisting and turning. There are many forms of exercise these days. Running, walking, swimming, aerobics, zumba, yoga, gymming, weight-training; choose the one that permits your body type, resistance and health condition. You will not just feel and look better but also combat many illnesses.


Eat and drink healthy, follow a healthy lifestyle routine – Look Good!


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