5 Super Foods You Must Include In Your Daily Diet

5 Super Foods You Must Include In Your Daily DietOur everyday diet comprises of a number of fruits and vegetables along with legumes and rice. These days as people get more health conscious they constantly keep looking up the internet for those few foods that will keep them in the best of health while preventing common chronic diseases and are anti-aging. But eating these foods for a day or two will never show you the desired results. You need to make it a habit to get the right amount of nutrient on your place on a daily basis and you’ll gradually feel your health improving.


Here are some five Super Foods that will make you look your best besides improving heart Health and helping you Lose Weight:

1. Oats

Talking of superfood, let’s begin with oats. This good old husky whole grain food lowers cholesterol and is full of fiber. Eating a bowl of oats make you feel full for longer hours that will help you to eat less and lose weight. It not just trims your waistline but also melts down overall body fat. Oats are rich in nutrients like copper, zinc, and niacin that will improve the appearance of your skin. It can also be used as a topical treatment for the skin.


2. Salmon

This fantastic fish has a number of health benefits, in particular, preventing heart diseases by lowering cholesterol. It is rich in antioxidant astaxanthin that prevents your skin against sun damage and promotes anti-aging. Also as it rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, it plays a vital role in proving your overall health. Salmon has some essential minerals in them like iron, calcium, selenium, and phosphorus, as well as vitamins like A, B, and D. A combination of polyunsaturated fatty acids along with vitamin D prevents the development of osteoarthritis, thereby improving bone and joint health.


3. Apples

An apple a day indeed keeps the doctor away. Since it has a number of nutrients in them, the health benefits of apple are numerous. The essential fluids in apple treat conditions like anaemia, dysentery, heart disease, headache, eye disorders, and kidney stones. Also, the red, yellow and green color apples have their individual benefits.

  • The red apples improve memory and heart function. It also reduces the risk of certain types of cancer and maintains a healthy urinary tract.
  • The green apple strengthens your eyes, teeth, and bones.
  • Yellow apples improve the immune system and maintain heart health.

Apples have a certain property to prevent the development of cancerous cells.


4. Yogurt

You might know how good yogurt is for your stomach and gastrointestinal tract. It contains good bacteria that maintain your gut health by improving bowel movement. However frozen or flavored curd should be avoided as they are rich in sugar content and has minimum benefits. Instead, have plain curd with flax seeds and berries or a mix of fruits.


5. Nuts

The best part about nuts is that they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and high in multiple nutrients. The Vitamin E, zinc, selenium, and protein in nuts help you lose weight besides maintaining skin health. Nuts are good anti-aging sources as they nourish and rejuvenate damaged skin. Walnuts, almonds, and pistachios are some great choices to have every day. 

Watch what you eat! Your foods play a very important role in contributing to your appearance.


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