5 Regular Things to do to Keep Breast Cancer at Bay

Let’s pledge to fight against this deadly disease. Here’s what you can doRecent statistics by the American Institute of Cancer Research has stated that breast cancer is the most common cancers occurring among women. In 2018 alone, over 2 million cases of breast cancer were reported worldwide. This type of cancer is gradually becoming a matter of concern among women.


The panel to reveal this Study has classified Breast Cancer into two types-

Premenopausal breast cancer and Postmenopausal breast cancer.


Research and medical evidence shows that premenopausal breast cancer is primarily caused by:

  • Alcohol consumption,
  • Higher birth weight and
  • Adult attained height

The reason for Postmenopausal breast cancer is found to be due to:

  • Consumption of alcohol
  • Excess body fatness throughout adolescence
  • Adult attained height
  • Weight gain


Breast cancer was limited among older women until recent studies have shown that higher numbers of younger women are also getting affected by the disease. The only drawback being that breast cancer does not get detected at an early stage among young women. The survival rates in such cases are meager due to lack of early diagnosis.

However, according to doctors and medical experts, breast cancer can be averted by incorporating some basic habits into your regular lifestyle. Let’s pledge to fight against this deadly disease.


Here’s What You Can Do:

Processed Food? Ditch them!

There has been a lot said on the worst effects of processed food. Every food stacked in your kitchen cabinets and fridge that screams “I am processed” should be thrown out right away. There have been a number of medical researches that say processed food is one of the potential reasons for increasing the risk of breast cancer by 10%.

Fizzy drinks like coke or soda, chips, processed meat, refined sugar, factory produced cheese, and frozen foods should be ditched right away.


Add years to your Health with Fresh Food –

The key to good health is eating green veggies, colorful fruits, and crunchy nuts. Include broccoli and parsley to your daily diet as these contain anti-cancer compounds that slow tumor formation. Organic fruits and vegetables are rich in nutrients that can fight many serious types of cancers.

Additionally, foods rich in Vitamin D are also considered a preventive measure to reduce the risk of breast cancer. Fish, egg yolks, orange juice, and salmon are some of the best sources of Vitamin D.


Get your Coffee Game on –

Coffee is controversies’ favorite child. Is it good or is it bad for your health? Well, this question has been answered differently by different researchers. Do you know that it has been proved having a cup of coffee early in the morning is very helpful and revitalizing to your health? There was a study done on a group of women above 50 years of age who drank a cup of coffee every morning. It was found that they were at a much lower risk of developing breast cancer than women who never had coffee at all.

Did you give up on coffee thinking it’s harmful? You might just resume the habit and have a cup of it every morning.


Twisting and Turning is the way to go -

The modern day lifestyle is more of a sedentary style. We spend more than six hours a day just sitting and lounging. Prolonged sitting is touted as the silent killer. Studies show that sitting increases the risk of contracting breast, myeloma, and ovarian cancer. Spare time for a regular exercise regime. You can take a walk for 30 minutes or visit the gym for a high-intensity workout routine. When in office take a 5-minutes break after every two hours. Take a stroll outside.


Check yourself –

Don’t feel ashamed to take a good look at yourself in the mirror. Do self-examination of your breast to check for any lumps or swelling that you can feel with the pad of your fingers. A self-assessment of your body is the best way to avert or detect any disease at an early stage. Besides lumps and bumps, other early signs of breast cancer include breast pain and tenderness, nipple discharge, skin irritation, redness and nipple retraction. If you notice any such things, visit your doctor immediately for a checkup and get a mammogram done to rule out the doubt.

In some cases, there might be a persistent back pain that indicates that you should get a mammogram done.


While these are some of the best ways you can keep breast cancer at bay, you should also be aware of your family history.  You must visit the doctor for a preventive checkup to test if you have the presence of mutated BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene that is responsible for breast cancer at a later stage.

Angelina Jolie had created a mass awareness back in 2013 after she shared her story of double mastectomy as her test reports detected her positive of contracting breast cancer. The latest brave soul Tahira Kashyap, wife of actor Ayushmann Khurana underwent a partial mastectomy after being diagnosed with Stage 0 (pre-invasive) breast cancer.


If not take a preventive measure, breast cancer can be a ticking time bomb. Consult your doctor to rule out the presence of any abnormal cancer cells. Early diagnosis is the key to a possible cure.

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