5 Tips To Avoid weight Gain in Winters

get rid of winter weight

What’s your winter story? Gaining unwanted weight and then trying ways to get rid of that weight? Well then, you must definitely read this post to know about how you can stay fit and in shape during winters.

Hello guys, it is almost the end of the year already. It’s just 20 days away before you bring in the New Year’s Eve with food and style. But the winter season is not very friendly to your weight. You unnecessarily put on some extra pounds and then fight it hard to shed them off in order to flaunt that lovely holiday dress. Today, we’re going to give you a few simple tips to avoid the excess weight gain in winter.

Winters are usually that time of the year when we feel like cozying up with a big cup of marshmallow milk with some cookies. We spend a lot of time indoors reading a book or before the television. We tend to eat a lot of fatty food to keep ourselves warm and move less. All these habits are enough to make us gain weight. 

Lawrence J. Cheskin, MD, founder, and director of the Johns Hopkins Weight Management Center said, "Although seasonal weight gain varies from person to person, there have been surveys that show an average of a five to seven pound gain in weight in winter". He also added that winter weight gain might also be a result of seasonal depression which is a type of clinical depression brought on by the shorter winter days. However, for others, weight gain in winter is a result of overeating, drinking alcohol and less working out and exercise.

But, this year, beat the winter weight gain with these simple tips.

1. Have a protein-rich breakfast

What does our breakfast consist of? Sugary cereals or toasts? For most of us, breakfast means carbohydrates. But having some protein for breakfast will curb that appetite for mid-morning snacks later. Your breakfast should be rich in nutrients that will provide you the energy to work for the rest of the day without feeling sluggish.

2. Be extra vigilant with your diet plan and exercise

Losing weight in winter can be actually tough, but not impossible. Try to avoid everything that is rich in calories. But who doesn’t love nibbling on cookies while having a cup of hot chocolate? After all, it's winter! There is nothing wrong in indulging in comfort food. But don’t eat like it’s your ‘Last Supper’. Limit these comfort foods and focus more on eating healthy with proteins like eggs, chicken, lamb, fish, yogurt, and nuts. Also include healthy fats in your diet like nuts and seeds, tahini paste or extra virgin olive oil over your salads.

Also focus more on exercising. Winter is not an excuse to give up working out. Layer up and go for a long run or sweat it out in the gym. Keep your metabolism high to maintain weight.

3. Say no to alcohol

It might be very difficult to avoid a cocktail or a glass of brandy during winters, but try to control the urge. Winter celebrations involve a lot of drinking, but you are unknowingly taking in a lot of calories than you should that leads to weight gain in winter. Here’s a tip for you. Before you drink a glass of alcohol, have a glass of water or a diet soda to dilute the calories.

4. Eat before you head out to party

It is a mistake most of us make of visiting a party empty-stomach. Never do that. Always fill your stomach with some healthy foods like a big bowl of veggie salad or an apple or some baby carrots. It is better to eat healthy carbs and fiber than empty calories from party appetizers.

Your purpose for heading out to a party should not just be eating and drinking but meeting friends, having fun and dancing like no one’s watching.

5. How’s your gut bacteria doing this winter?

Make sure your gut bacteria has not gone for winter hibernation. There has been evidence to prove that healthy bacteria in the gut contribute a lot to maintaining weight. So have a high-fiber diet during winters to improve gut flora and prevent winter weight gain.

Exercise, have fun, eat good food and enjoy a healthy winter. 

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