5 Tips to stay Mentally Fit

Here are 5 Tips to help you overcome Stress and Promote Mental Fitness

“You are behaving so stupid!”

“You must be mentally strong to face the world. You have no luxury to hide in a corner on the excuse of being depressed”

Don’t we hear these whenever we trying opening up about our mental health? Speaking about an ill mental health is considered a social stigma and we often refrain from talking much about it. We shut ourselves in the dark and put up a happy façade when facing the world. We decide it better to fight depression by ourselves rather than being termed as crazy, mad, lunatic, insane, broke, weak and a fool.

There are numerous examples of people from all over the world who have suffered from depression. While some of them have survived after battling depression there are many who have succumbed to the tough mental battle. Names like Johnny Depp, Jim Carrey, Eminem, Ellen Degeneres, Angelina Jolie, Anne Hathaway, Lady Gaga, Robin Williams, J K Rowling, Britney Spears and the list goes on and on. All of them are world famous personalities with a huge fan following and are immensely rich. Some of them were great comic actors. It is difficult to understand what could have been the reason that they suffered depression. Name and fame have actually got nothing to do with depression and deteriorated mental health. 

Even Princess Diana who is admired by millions around the world had once opened up about her battle with depression. 

And our very own Deepika Padukone had opened up about her own difficult battle with depression. Later she spoke in a survey titled ‘How India perceives mental health’ published by TLLLF, “Considering how deep-rooted this issue is, in terms of the stigma attached to it, the reluctance to seek help, or people’s perception towards those with mental illness, we still have a long way to go. India needs to focus on encouraging people to seek help,”

(Source - https://www.hindustantimes.com/health/deepika-padukone-on-depression-when-i-spoke-up-i-didn-t-worry-about-my-popularity/story-nsYo17kggw55dhCUBQgx7L.html)


Today on World Mental Health Day, HealthFolks gives hope and courage to everyone who has been silently fighting depression and trying to find a way out. You are not a different person, there are many who go through the same phase. We all face some bouts of depression at some point in our lives. While for some it might be a passing phase, others find themselves struggling with deep-seated mental issues.

Our brain is a muscle after all that is constantly on the run and it is a normal phenomenon for the brain to fall ill. Various psychological traumas like physical, mental and sexual abuse, early loss, neglect, excess occupational stress are some risk factors leading to a mental health disorder.

Studies have found that nearly half of the private sector employees in India have been suffering from depression due to greater working hours and meager salary. What starts with occupational stress and frustration with time metamorphoses into depression and anxiety. Mood swings, suicidal thoughts, panic attacks, guilt, insomnia, fatigue, binge-eating, obesity are some symptoms that start worsening over time.


Here are 5 Tips to help you overcome Stress and Promote Mental Fitness:

1. Balanced Diet

Your body and your mind are directly related to one another. Eating a balanced well-nourished diet with enough colorful fruits and veggies will supply you with the necessary nutrients and minerals that have positive effects on your mental health. A Vitamin B rich diet comprising of wholegrain cereals, leafy greens, and dairy foods is essential for brain health.


2. Unwind

We are Human Beings, not robots! Our brain and body are not fashioned to work 24/7. It is very important to unwind ourselves through exercise and relaxation. Find time out to exercise as physical activity releases endorphins that calm the brain, thus alleviating stress.


3. Get organized

It is important to organize your day beforehand so as to reduce some amount of stress. Set your priorities at the workplace, manage time, schedule tasks; all these will not only help you achieve your goal within the stipulated timeline but also lends you peace of mind preventing panic attacks.


4. Add herbs to your diet

Ashwagandha is a proven herb that rejuvenates your mental health keeping stress at bay. It manages the negative effects of stress by marinating a balance between your psychological and physiological health. You can also have ashwagandha supplements.


5. Sleep Well

Depression often leads to insomnia that in turns gives rise to a number of serious life-threatening health conditions. Getting enough sleep is important as it rejuvenates your mind to manage stress well. 7-8 hours of sleep is enough to re-energize your mind to carry out a day’s activity effectively.


If you feel something is amiss, don’t shy away to talk to your friend or your family. You can also visit a psychotherapist and open up about your thoughts and feelings. Don’t leave it untreated as it may lead to serious health issues and even death.

“If you’re that depressed, reach out to someone. And remember, suicide is a permanent solution, to a temporary problem”Robin Williams

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