5 Ways to Lose Weight at your Workplace

lose weight at workplace

We spend more hours in the office than at home. So when it comes to weight loss we often blame our office hours for not getting enough time for physical workouts. But the idea is entirely wrong. Some minute changes in your office hours can yield more significant results.


Here are some simple tips that will help you lose weight even if you follow strenuous work hours:

1. Don’t even get close to the vending machine

The presence of a well-equipped vending machine is typical on any office floor. It is also the biggest culprit sabotaging your goals to lose weight. Most of us have the habit of downing a bottle of soda or a huge cup of coffee to restore the lost energy. Since they are laden with sugar, it is like a rush of added calories. A past study has revealed that 70% increase in weight can be attributed to the overuse of vending machines. It raises the glucose levels in your body that gets converted to fat.


2. Drink up water

This might seem like a foolish question but can you respond correctly to your hunger and thirst? Let me clarify a bit more on that. A study in the journal Physiology & Behavior suggests that 60% of the time, people respond inappropriately to thirst by eating than by drinking. You can cut down calories from your food by drinking a glass of water before every meal. Alternatively, if you are bored of drinking plain water, make a detox water by adding some slices of citrus fruits, ginger, and cucumber to your water. Besides shaving off the extra fat, it will also add many benefits to your health.


3. Walk the stairs

If your office is located on the 4th or 5th floor, consider taking the stairs rather than the elevator. Walking up the stairs will help you lose a lot of weight. A study revealed by the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center states that a person weighing 68 kgs can lose up to 3 kgs in one year without even hitting the gym ever.

Also, park the car at a little far off distance so that you can walk the distance to reach office. Take breaks in between your work and walk for 5 -10 minutes. It will not just rejuvenate you but also give you a small exercise.


4. Have healthy snacks

For the long hours that we spend in the office, we tend to get hungry often and snacking is common. We usually snack on a packet of chips or cookies that effortlessly adds on unhealthy pounds. Here are some healthy snack options that you can opt for taking in your office.

  • Keep a jar of nuts and dry fruits in office
  • A veggies salad or brown bread egg sandwich
  • Greek yogurt mixed with some fruits or almonds
  • Protein bars
  • Seasonal fruits


5. No Coffee, only Green Tea –

Numerous cups of coffee give you a push to carry on through the day, but a couple of cups of green tea not just rejuvenates you but also burns your fat. Green Tea contains catechins that boost fat burn. Researchers say that people who drink green tea have 20% less body fat than those who do not drink green tea.

Lose those extra inches even while at your workplace. Get Healthy! Get Fit!

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