5 Ways to Treat Diarrhea at Home Naturally

It is the monsoons now, a much respite from the summer heat, a cooler temperature and the weather seems so soothing. Monsoon gets even more exciting when the whiff of pakoras and bhajiyas (fried fritters) with freshly brewed tea fills the air.It is the monsoons now, a much respite from the summer heat, a cooler temperature and the weather seems so soothing. Monsoon gets even more exciting when the whiff of pakoras and bhajiyas(fried fritters) with freshly brewed tea fills the air. Especially enjoying it from one of those road-side stalls gives us a sense of happiness that is unexplainable. Our taste buds thank us a million times but our tummy starts growling! Our angry roaring tummy makes sure that we get spend huge uncomfortable hours on the commode releasing watery bowels along with intense abdominal pain. This bothersome, annoying situation that probably has gotten triggered by eating unhygienic food is called diarrhea. 

Symptoms of Diarrhea:

It is important to identify the symptoms of diarrhea so that we can start treating it from its time of commencement.

  •    Frequent watery stools
  •    Abdominal pain
  •    Bloating
  •    Fever
  •    Nausea
  •    Vomiting

At-Home Treatment for Diarrhea:

The moment you notice these symptoms, take care of yourself with a few of these home remedies

1. Get hydrated

If diarrhea is on its way, make sure that you get enough water and fluids all through the day. Since you lose a lot of water with stools, it gets important that you take care not to get dehydrated. Have OTC rehydration solutions like electrolyte water for relief. Avoid tea, coffee, milk or any carbonated drinks. It might worsen your symptoms.

However, eating unhygienic food is not the only reason for diarrhea. It might also happen due to viral infection. So if your infant is sick with diarrhea, make sure that you continue breastfeeding or formula-feeding. Also visit a doctor for medical advice and OTC pediatric hydration solutions. These will soothe your child’s tummy and provide relief.

2. Have soups

Chicken or vegetable broths are the best choice of food when having diarrhea. Such clear soups not only provide water to your body but also supplement your gut with the electrolytes from salt. Continue with this food for a couple of days or until diarrhea subsides.

3. Pectin-rich foods 

Pectin is a soluble-dietary fiber that relieves diarrhea symptoms. It also detoxifies your gastrointestinal tract.

Have foods like carrot, peaches, oranges, plums, grapefruit or apricots. You can have them in mashed or jelly form. Pectin soaks up the fluid in your intestine and reduces bowel movement.

4. Eat Probiotics

Stock your kitchen up with curd the moment you realize diarrhea symptoms. Probiotics prevent infections in your intestines. And during diarrhea, it will restore the balance in your gut. But, consult your doctor before having probiotics in diarrhea.

5. BRAT Diet

Go BRAT when you have diarrhea! This diet is soothing to your stomach and will relief extreme diarrhea symptoms. It will also control your bowel movement. BRAT diet includes bananas, rice (white), applesauce and toast. Also foods like oatmeal and potatoes can be tolerated by your tummy when having diarrhea.

It is always advisable to seek medical advice to make sure the symptoms are due to diarrhea. Stay well, Stay healthy!


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