6 Amazing Health Benefits of Honey

Here are the top 6 health benefits of honey worth buzzing aboutAccording to geological researches, archeologists have excavated pots of honey from the tombs in Egypt’s pyramids. The honey, although dated 3000 years back, was perfectly edible. In Hinduism, one of the five elixirs in panchamrit is honey.

Honey is also known as liquids gold that benefits the human body in a number of ways.


Here are the Top 6 Health Benefits of Honey Worth Buzzing about: 

1. Treats a cough and cold

What is the first use that comes to our mind when we spell honey? Honey is very beneficial for a cough and cold. This might be an age-old remedy that is passed down from generations to generations to treat cold.

I remember my mother giving me syrup she used to prepare with tulsi leaf juice and honey. Just a teaspoon of this concoction twice a day is enough to naturally relieve a cough and cold symptoms. 

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2. Strengthens immune system

A strong immune system can keep a number of diseases at bay. Due to the medicinal properties of honey, it helps fight off viral, fungal and bacterial infections. Medical experts have concluded that buckwheat honey has the highest percentage of antioxidants that improve the immune system if consumed daily before breakfast.  Also, a spoonful of honey given to children boosts their immune system.


3. A healthy option to sugar

If you are diabetic, you can replace your regular tea sweetened with honey. It is also said to lower bad cholesterol while increasing good cholesterol count. However, in spite of it being a healthy sweetener option, diabetic patients should avoid all high-carb food as much as possible.


4. Promotes weight loss

According to nutritionist Mike McInnes, honey can burn body fat even while you are at rest. While some doctors might recommend having honey with warm water first thing in the morning for improved metabolism and weight loss, others recommend having a spoonful of it before bedtime.

Honey with warm water in the morning is a common morning routine of many.


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5. Induces sleep

Sleep disorder is a common problem nowadays. If you are an insomniac too, why not try this age-old natural sleep-inducing technique? Add a teaspoon of honey to a glass of warm milk and sip it before bedtime. It will help you sleep at ease.


6. Beautifies face and skin

Honey is a natural skin beautifying agent and was supposedly used by Egyptians for a flawless skin. It is a natural moisturizer and can be used for dry skin. Honey being a natural anti-bacterial agent also treats acne and prevents breakouts. A honey mask gives a natural glow to your skin.

If you have eczema, treat it naturally with honey and some cold-pressed olive oil to get relief.

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While honey is beneficial for young and old alike, pediatricians recommend that it should not be given to kids below 1 year of age as the bacteria in honey might cause botulism.

The benefits of honey go beyond its delectable flavor. Include a teaspoon of honey in your daily diet and discover the amazing ways it benefits your health.


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