6 Health Symptoms you Should Not Ignore

Unbearable chest pain, incessant bleeding, paralysis, choking, unconsciousness immediately prompt us a visit to the emergency. Unbearable chest pain, incessant bleeding, paralysis, choking, unconsciousness immediately prompt us a visit to the emergency. But often there are a number of symptoms that we tend to ignore and think that time and rest will heal everything. Medical professionals say that now-a-days people tend to take health for granted, they are always in denial and they don’t want to assume the worst. But it is better to not ignore abnormal health symptoms that may be signs of potentially serious illness.

1. Headache

Headaches are common in our everyday life. The stress and anxiety we go through on a daily basis, exerts pressure on our nerves leading from moderate to intense pains. These pains go off with medications and a good sleep, but if the headache is sudden and beyond bearable, you should seek medical help at once. Some conditions that might cause such headaches are meningitis, burst blood vessels in the brain (aneurysm) or cardiac cephalgia.

2. Blurry vision

A blurred out or foggy vision usually denotes weakened eye power. You may need a pair of new spectacles. However, if you have never had any issues with eye power or such issues happen a few days after you get new prescription spectacles, it could be an indication that you are having diabetes. As your blood sugar levels rise, it can cause fluid to build up in your eye lens thus blurring your vision.

3. Worse Heartburn and shortness of breath

Heartburns are a common occurrence. But when it gets associated with additional uncomfortable health symptoms like sweating, dizziness, or shortness of breath; it might be a sign of heart attack. It happens due to lack of oxygen reaching the heart muscle as the arteries remain blocked. Although these are some classic heart attack symptoms, but everyone does not necessarily experience the same. For other, there may be a pain radiation through the shoulder blades, the left arm or the jaw. Women especially experience very negligible symptoms.

4. Persistent cough

Cough may be due to seasonal flu, allergy, asthma or bronchitis. But sometimes no medications work. In such a situation, you should visit a physician as it may be a sign of pneumonia, COPD, tuberculosis or even lung cancer.

5. Significant weight loss

If you are on a diet program or a weight-loss training program, losing weight is common; but if it is neither of these and you still lose around 8-9 kgs. of weight, it is a serious matter of concern. If your sudden weight loss is also accompanied by loss of appetite, it might be a sign that your body is fighting cancer. However, there is absolutely nothing to panic as that is not the sole reason for unexplained weight loss. It might also be due to thyroid issues or depression.

6. Blood in urine

If you notice blood with your urine, don’t wait for a day or two to check if it subsides. This needs immediate medical attention as it may be due to kidney stones, an acute UTI or even bladder cancer. And if you are a woman and notice such a symptom, it might not be a period side effect. Do consult a doctor to rule out any serious illness.


Don’t take chances with your health and never ignore any abnormal physical symptom. Visit a doctor as and when required.


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