6 Miss India Beauty Secrets

Miss India beauty secrets

We love following celeb beauty secrets and especially if those celebs are the beauty crown winners, we wish to follow them blindly. Take a look at what these celebs actually do for their skin and how they maintain the look. You might be shocked to know that their beauty routine is much simpler than you have ever thought about.

Juhi Chawla:

A young Juhi Chawla had been crowned Miss India back in 1984 and till this day even when she is 50 years, she hasn’t lost her charm.

She attributes her young and hydrating skin to drinking 6-8 glasses of water. She also drinks a glass of skin detox drink of honey, le, on and lukewarm water. Her secret to healthy looking skin is her diet. She eats more boiled and baked veggies along with a bowl of yogurt every day. This moisturizes her skin and keeps it looking young.

Sushmita Sen:

Being crowned the first Miss Universe from India, Susmita Sen is now a mother of two and is still young at 44 years. For the natural glow on her face, she prefers applying orange and papaya juice on her face. She also does not use a cosmetic scrub on her face; instead makes her own scrub with gram flour (besan) and clotted cream to naturally cleanse her face. To maintain her hair’s thick and shiny texture, she oils it regularly.

Aishwarya Rai:

She was the second Miss World crowned from India in 1994 and the whole world took some time to bask in her beauty. She follows a healthy meal of fruits and vegetables and drinks plenty of water to keep her skin looking fresh and beautiful.

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Neha Dhupia:

Being Miss India in 2002, and representing India on the Miss Universe platform, Neha Dhupia is bold and has an amazingly beautiful dusky skin tone. She attributes her lovely and clear skin to be passed down by her mother. She doesn’t do a lot for her skin though although she follows a natural routine of applying Multani mitti, honey and lemon to the skin. This prevents skin inflammation and keeps it looking healthy and beautiful. Nevertheless, she never misses her 6-8 glasses of water and a healthy diet sans junk food.

Priyanka Chopra:

Currently, Priyanka Chopra is reigning the world with her acting prowess, singing talent and business investments. She being crowned the Miss World in 2000, her beauty is always praised. You will be surprised to know that Priyanka Chopra uses all DIY kitchen ingredients to look beautiful.

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Manushi Chillar:

The latest Indian who had brought the Miss World crown home was Manushi Chillar. She is young, vibrant and beautiful. Although much is not known about her beauty secrets her skincare expert had stated that she follows a holistic beauty routine.  Amit Karkhanis also praised her genetically beautiful skin and added that she is very particular about what she eats. Besides, she exercises and does yoga for over benefit of her health. She also believes that staying stress-free and happy gives her the glow from within and she makes sure to sleep 7-8 hours a day.

For Miss Indias, it is always 'less is more'. They believe in eating a well-balanced diet and following a healthy routine.



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