6 Ovarian Cyst Symptoms you Must Never Ignore!

Here are some symptoms of ovarian cyst that you must be aware of and not ignore.

Ovarian cysts are nagging and they don’t go off easily. For some women, ovarian cysts are as common as pimples. These small tissues or fluid-filled sacs adorn their ovaries and show no symptoms at all. It becomes a part and parcel of their system without any obvious discomfort. I remember a couple of years back when I was being diagnosed with an ovarian cyst and they did not look pretty. Though cysts are usually benign where they come and go without the need of any specialized medical intervention, however, I was one among the 20% of women experiencing cysts that needed surgical intervention to get rid of.

Here are some symptoms of ovarian cyst that you must be aware of and not ignore.

1. A nagging pelvic pain

Pelvic pain is a common PMS and it should come and go along with the cycle, but if it doesn’t something has to be wrong. Go for an ultrasound to start off the diagnosis. The pelvic pain associated with an ovarian cyst is either in the lower right or the left side of the lower pelvis. This happens if you have an abnormal growth on any part of your ovary. You usually experience this pain when you exercise or have sexual intercourse but the pain is constant without moving any place even after the monthly cycle is over.

If left untreated, it might lead to ovarian torsion where the cyst gets large in size and twists it on itself cutting the blood supply that causes horrible pain.

2. Belly Bloat

If your belly is bloating, what would you think that to be? Flatulence, indigestion, gas problem or maybe weight gain. It is a very vague symptom that signifies an ovarian cyst. For some women, the cyst may be sized below 10 cm. But some cysts are unusually large like the size of a watermelon. This leads to belly bloating and pain in the abdomen that you cannot write off. Visit your doctor at once.

3. Feeling of fullness

A cyst is a mass that is occupying a certain space in your ovary and giving you the feeling of pressure and heaviness in the abdomen. If you have an issue with constipation, this feeling might seem common but if you have regularized bowel movement and the sensation is persistent on one side of your pelvis, consider going for a medical checkup.

4. Sex is no more interesting

Sex should never hurt, but if it does, something is off the radar. If you are having intercourse and you feel pain on one of the sides, it might be due to a cyst developed in your ovary. When the cyst gets large, it tends to fall behind the uterus and sit right beside your cervix causing the pain and discomfort. Book an appointment with your gynaecologist immediately and try to figure out the cause of pain.

5. Urge to pee all the time

If you have a strong sensation of urinating all the time, it might be due to the cyst pushing against your bladder. But again it might be painful as there is a blockage caused by the cyst.

6. Leg and back pain

A prolonged back and leg pain without reasons means that the cyst has developed to a huge size and there isn’t much room left in the pelvis. The cyst then compresses the nerves running along the back of the pelvis. Your doctor might recommend an ultrasound test to find out the cause of pain.

Don’t wait for these symptoms to flare up as by then the cyst can twist your ovary prompting the doctor to surgically remove the ovary. So it's better you follow up with a gynaecologist with the appearance of the first symptom, whichever it might be.




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