6 Uses and Benefits of Peppermint Oil

Here are some of the best uses of peppermint oil in the modern ageThe refreshing scent of peppermint is enough to lift one’s mood and spirit. But more than the herb, it is the oil extracted from the herb that is the most useful. This is one of the most versatile oils available in the market and has a number of benefits to improve your health and well-being. Since ages, it has been used for medicinal purposes in Europe, China, and Japan.

The many uses of peppermint oil have been documented centuries back.


Here are some of the Best uses of Peppermint Oil in the Modern Age:

1. Alleviates mosquitoes

The peppermint essential oil acts as a natural repellent for mosquitoes, bugs and other flying insects. With dengue and zika virus plaguing different parts of India, it has become significant that we find out ways to deter mosquitoes from our home and surroundings. Here’s how you can use peppermint oil to protect yourself and your kids from mosquito bites:

  • Apply peppermint oil to your elbows, wrist, neck, and ankles before you go out. Alternatively apply a drop or two on the cuffs of your shirt, in the collar, on your kids’ clothes and pant to keep mosquitoes away.
  • Mix about 25 drops of peppermint oil in hot water and pour in a spray bottle. Spritz it around your rooms on curtains, sofas, and furnishings. The fresh smell acts as a natural room freshener but mosquitoes detest the scent. 


2. Prevents acne

Only women with acne-prone skin will understand what a big mood buster a pimple is. There is probably nothing we haven’t tried to get rid of sudden acne outbursts. Zits and pimples don’t budge easily and refuse to hide no matter how costly a concealer or foundation you may be using.

Go the natural way to prevent acne outburst by using peppermint oil. It may not be an instant solution but regular use of this oil will prevent excess oil secretion and prevents clogging of pores. Peppermint oil gives you a clear and refreshed skin.

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3. Treats Indigestion

One of the oldest uses of peppermint oil is that it soothes digestion. It has the carminative property that helps in releasing gas from the stomach and intestines preventing bloating, abdominal pain and flatulence. Massage some drops of oil to your abdomen or inhale it to soothe nausea and motion sickness.


4. Cures Headache

Much better than any OTC headache mediations, peppermint oil serves handy to cure a headache naturally if you keep it in your workstation drawer or purse. Take a bit of almond oil and mix it with a drop of peppermint oil to rub on temples and forehead. The cooling sensation from the oil will give a soothing relief and relax strained muscles.


5. Natural breath freshener

Don’t we all have a small box of mints in our purse? It acts as a breath freshener as it has peppermint oil extracts. Similarly adding a drop or two of peppermint oil in your toothpaste keeps you away from bad breath and toothaches. It fights off plaque and improves your oral health.

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6. Improves Respiratory health

Mucus formation, congestion, scratchy throat, difficulty in breathing is catching up on us fast as the winter is allowing arriving. Keep a bottle of peppermint oil in your toiletry as it contains menthol that can effectively treat respiratory problems. Here’s how you can use it to relieve mucus congestion and a stuffy head:

  • Pour a few drops of peppermint oil + eucalyptus/rosemary oil in hot water and inhale in the steam. You’ll get some relief.
  • Massage coconut oil with peppermint oil onto your chest to clear congestion caused by bronchitis and sinus.

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