6 Ways to Avoid Hair Fall Caused by Wearing Helmets

6 ways to avoid hair fall caused by wearing helmets

Do you know why many men refrain from wearing helmets? They complain of hair loss. This is a common problem in men who drive two-wheelers regularly and have been wearing helmets for years now. While helmet gives you protection against damage and injury but the hair loss is a real problem and a fact too. When you wear a helmet regularly, the hair roots move closer to the scalp and this process is called traction alopecia. Helmets rub along the scalp that damages the roots and also forms the perfect nest for bacterial growth.

Does helmet cause hair loss?

Though many people ride without a helmet it is not safe. It is worn for overall protection and accidental trauma. Let’s read below why the helmet is blamed for hair loss:

  • It is widely believed that wearing helmets regularly moves the hair roots closer to the scalp leading to traction alopecia. The roots gradually lose strength and hence fall.
  • Helmets cause a lot of sweating that leads to bacterial accumulation in the scalp. If your scalp is unwashed and dirty, it can lead to hair loss.
  • Also, the way you wear your helmet can cause hair loss.

Tips to take care of your hair and avoid hair fall while wearing helmets

Here are some tips and tricks for all those who wear helmets. It will not only prevent hair loss but also help with your scalp problems and repair the damaged hair.

Keep hair clean

It is imperative that you wash your hair regularly with a mild shampoo and try to keep it clean so as to prevent hair loss that is caused by wearing a helmet. Wearing helmet regularly leads to sweating and id the breeding ground for bacteria and dandruff. So, you must keep your hair oil and dirt-free.

Moisturize hair

Wearing helmet regularly causes a lot of friction due to its inner lining. Try deep conditioning your hair naturally by massaging it with coconut oil, aloe vera, and honey-egg mask. When washing hair, avoid hot showers and use gentle paraben-free shampoos. Don’t use conditioner on the scalp; apply it only on the tips of the hair.

Choose a correct helmet

It is important to choose your helmet well. A tightly fitted helmet causes traction alopecia that results in gradual hair loss because hair gets pulled in the backward direction. So pick the right helmet, that is neither too tight, not too loose, but fits just perfect. You must also wear your helmet properly to prevent hair getting pulled backwards.

Take care of your helmet

If you want to prevent hair fall due to helmet, just caring for your hair won’t do. You must care for your helmet as well. Clean your hair from inside so that there is no sweat and dirt present. So when not in use, keep your helmet in an airy place.

Use a cloth inside your helmet

Tie a cotton cloth on your head before wearing a helmet. This will avoid direct friction with hair. It also absorbs the sweat from hair and keeps the inner lining of your helmet clean.

Don’t wear the helmet on wet hair

This is the mistake most people do. They take a head bath before leaving for work and immediately wear the helmet. Our hair is at its fragile most when wet, so wearing helmet leads to friction leading to hair fall. First, allow it to air dry and then wear a helmet. Doing so will also prevent other hair-related problems. 

Besides following these tips, also have the right dose of proteins and vitamins in your diet to prevent hair loss and boost hair growth. 


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