6 Ways to Deal with Teenage Mood Swings

Here are ways to deal with teenage mood swings

Teenage is one of the most vulnerable phases in a person’s life. A child who was calm, outgoing and always in a happy mood might suddenly turn rebellious and introvert the moment puberty hits. It is almost a roller coaster ride. We all have gone through that stage and most of us laugh about all the madness that we all exhibited in those years. Sometimes our parents were almost on the verge of giving up on us. If you are a parent now and have your kid about to enter the teenage, then here are some handy tips that will help you cope up with your moody teenager.

But for us to deal with teenage mood swings, we must first know the reasons behind the irrational behavior in teenagers.

  • Puberty and change in hormones
  • Pressure in academics
  • Peer pressure
  • Self-conscious of appearance
  • Lack of sleep and rest

While these are some common reasons that might lead to a teenage mood swing, at times these behaviors are beyond their control and there is no way, they can find peace with themselves. As a parent, you need to be aware of such behavioral changes and distinguish between a normal adolescent mood swing from depression or bipolar disorder. If the mood swings are more pronounced, it’s time to visit a psychiatrist for help.


Tips to Deal with Teenage Mood Swings:

1. Support them

Always let your teenager know that they are not alone. At this stage, they might feel left out and their behavior might make them feel they are going crazy.

Sit with them, talk it out, and let them know that everyone experiences the same at this age. It is just a phase and it will pass away. Share with them your teenage years.


2. Give them attention

Teenagers might want to stay alone but it is at this stage that they need the most attention and care. They want to be noticed and being rebellious is their way of seeking attention. Understand their sentiment and realize that it is not just your son or daughter acting out strange, you have been through it too and it is the same situation for other teenagers too. Have the patience to deal with teenage emotions.


3. Talk to them

You might be busy with your work and family but find out time for your teenager and talk to them. Help them identify their new feelings and how to cope up with it. At times, teenage emotions and feelings are unexplainable, tell them ‘it’s ok and it will pass’. Never make them feel guilty of their actions.


4. Teach them coping skills

It is very important that your teenager learns how to cope up with emotions. Give them time and let them figure out ways to control it. It is easy for adults to identify triggers of anger and sadness easily but teenagers are having these new myriads of emotions that are difficult for them to decipher.

Let them know some simple tips of calming down like listening to soothing music, going for a walk, meditating or counting backward from 10 until they start feeling positive again.


5. Support Healthy Lifestyle

It is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle at home with balanced diet, a lot of exercises and plenty of sleep. Soda and other unhealthy fast food are risk factors to trigger extreme mood swings.


6. Enroll them in a hobby class

Academic pressure gets too much for teenagers and they find it difficult to cope up with the pressure of studies and their hormonal changes. A good relief would be to enroll them in a hobby class like music, painting, dancing or some sports. These are distractions and it will help to take your teenager’s mind off mood swings and sadness.

Teenage mood swing is just a phase; it will pass away in a breeze. Support them through thick and thin and help them cope up with maturity and mental strength.


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