7 Skin Care Tips For Dry Skin in Winter Season

skin care tips for dry skin

You know winter is here when your skin gets chalky and shows signs of dryness and flakiness. And you know you have dry skin when even an hour after moisturizing, your skin starts to crack and dry. Dry skin is very difficult to manage in the winters, so we need an extra dose of skincare tips to get rid of the dry and tight feeling. This can even lead to eczema that can make your skin health worse. If you have been facing trouble with your dry skin every winter, follow these skin care tips to keep it healthy and moist.

Tip 1

Pick a specialized moisturizer off the beauty aisle that is oil-based, rather than being water-based. The creams labeled as night-creams are usually oil-based and you can choose those for your skin during winters. Keep re-applying moisturizer periodically.

Tip 2

Use facial oils if you experience extremely dry skin during winters. There are many facial oils available in the market under various brands. Argan oil is best for dry skin as it moisturizes the skin effectively and maintains its suppleness with daily usage.

Tip 3

If you have dry skin, you must limit your shower time to a maximum of 10 minutes and use warm water only. Don’t exfoliate often in winter. Dab your skin with a soft towel gently to protect it from flaking.

Tip 4

It is better not to use scented soaps in winter as they contain chemicals and artificial fragrances that tend to dry the skin. Instead, use a haldi and besan ubtan with some yogurt to clean your skin. You can also apply glycerine on your skin.

Tip 5

If you have dry skin, it is the hands and the feet that get affected first. Apply oil or a thick moisturizer on your hands and feet and ensure that you cover them with gloves and socks to retain the moisture at night. You will wake up with soft and supple skin.

Tip 6

Your skin might get even more dehydrated during winters if you have dry skin. Drink a lot of water and fluids in the form of fruit juices. You can also have a fish oil capsule daily to benefit your dry skin.

Tip 7

Switch coffee for green tea. The caffeine in coffee tends to dry the skin out but green tea has antioxidants that improve blood circulation.

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These are some very simple tips that you can follow to take care of your dry skin in winters. But at times your dry skin might be the result of an underlying health condition and might not benefit from these skin care tips. Consider seeing a dermatologist. A prescription lotion or cream or an ointment might help to take care of your dry skin in winter months. Also, avoid using alcohol-based toner or peel-off face masks or astringents as they will strip the vital oils from your skin.

Get rid of the dryness on your skin and let your skin smile to a happy and healthy note! 


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