7 Weight Loss Myths

weight loss myths

We all want to lose weight but often fail to do so because we follow some routines that have no logical reasoning. These are merely myths. Here we are today to debunk those myths and let you know the facts.

A strenuous exercise regime is the only way to lose weight

Not very true! Exercise is definitely a way you can adopt for weight loss but you need to make those small and practical changes that you can adhere to for the longest time. Get yourself involved in those physical activities that you can continue for many more years. Go for an early morning run or swim or go cycling. But if you are overweight, you might have to do more. You must burn more calories than you consume to lose weight. So eat less, move more.

Carbs will pile up on the weight

Not really! If you eat carbs in the right amount and make it a part of your daily diet, it will not lead to weight gain. It is also a proven scientific fact that low-carb diets help in weight loss. Whole grain and wholemeal carbs like brown rice, whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, multigrain cereals, and potatoes with skin on will increase your fiber intake.

Starving and fasting is the best way to lose weight

With so many diet plans floating over the internet, it is indeed a maze that is difficult to get rid of. Most of them are crash diets that actually lead to weight gain in the long run. These diet plans are downright impractical at times and are difficult to maintain. Sometimes, a certain group of important nutrients is totally excluded as a result of which the body backfires. The body remains low on energy and craves for high-sugar and high-fat foods. These piles up on unhealthy calories leading to weight gain.

All calories are bad

Those on a mission to lose weight give up on calories completely. But they forget that different calorie sources have different effects on your body. A protein calorie has different effects on the body than a fat calorie or a carb calorie. Replace carbs and fats with more protein to improve the metabolic rate and regulate hormones. Also, calories from fruits tend to be more filling than calories from refined sugar.

Weight loss supplements are full-proof in losing weight

The weight loss supplements market is making huge bucks.

The weight loss supplements claim to have dramatic changes in body weight but studies show no results. There are some which might help you lose weight but only in combination with moderate eating and exercise over a period of several months.

Weight gain/weight loss is about willpower, nothing biological

It is wrong to say that! Obesity and weight gain is often a complex disorder that is associated with many underlying health conditions like PCOS, hypothyroidism, and depression. Sometimes weight-regulating hormones might not work properly and get dysfunctional leading to unwanted weight gain. If you are resistant to the hormone leptin, it might lead to weight gain. When weight gain is a reason of health factor, it gets difficult to lose weight.

Cutting down on snacks will help you lose weight

Snacks refer to that group of food items that you eat when you feel those little hunger pangs in between meals. And you must never ignore your hunger pangs, but you can definitely choose what you want to eat. French fries, burgers, chips, chocolates, soda are some popular food choices for snacks. These definitely are empty calories leading to weight gain. So what can be eaten otherwise? Choices are ample. Have whole fruits and veggies sticks or dry fruits and nuts or trail mix. These foods will keep you full in between meals and also maintain the energy level.

Get educated, be informed, lose weight the healthy way!

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