8 Dangerous Food Combinations That you Must Avoid

Here are some 8 food combinations that you must avoid at any cost to maintain a strong and healthy digestive system.

Food is life and we all love eating. Sometimes we combine soda and other aerated drinks with dinner or have a bowl of fruits with yogurt or eat an overdose of protein without necessarily realizing that these are some food combinations that pose danger to our health. We have put together some popular food combinations that we like but they are actually harmful. The digestive system cannot quite digest these certain food combinations and make us sick every time.

Here are some 8 food combinations that you must avoid at any cost to maintain a strong and healthy digestive system.

1. Fruits after meal

These days in buffet restaurants, there is a platter of fruits kept in the dessert section and most people prefer having that instead of a chocolate cake or a gulab jamun thinking it is a healthy choice. But it is a bad idea when you are having fruits after a heavy meal. It also causes other foods to stay in the stomach for longer causing fermentation.

2. Tomato and cheese pasta

Cherry tomatoes are an integral part of pasta but the food combining theory advises to avoid this combination. Tomatoes are acidic and pasta is starchy. Mixing carbs with acid is a big no. And moreover, we add cheese to pasta so adding dairy too turns it into a recipe that is not preferred by the digestive system.

3. Cereal with milk and orange juice

Most of us prefer having cereal or oatmeal with milk and then finishing off with orange juice. But again a bad combination! Orange juice is acidic that destroys the enzymes needed for digesting the carbs in cereals. Also when dairy mixes with acid, it causes the milk to curdle in the stomach, turning it into heavy mucus-forming substance.

4. Bananas and Milk

Who could have thought that a food combo that had been considered healthy for so long is one of the heaviest and toxic according to Ayurveda? A glass of banana milk smoothie creates heaviness in the body and slows down the thought process. So the next time you crave for a banana milk smoothie, make sure the banana is very ripe and you add some nutmeg and cardamom to boost digestion.

5. Fruit salad with yogurt

Most of us prefer having a bowl of fruit salad with a few scoops of yogurt. But Ayurveda advises against mixing fruits with dairy-based products as it diminishes the digestive fire, produce toxins, change the intestinal flora and cause sinus allergies, congestion, cough, and cold. Instead, use unflavoured yogurt at room temperature and mix some honey, raisins and cinnamon powder instead of fresh fruits and berries.

6. Burger and fries

This is a combination made in heaven and we can never imagine ordering a burger without French fries. The patty in the burger is deep-fried, very rich in protein and trans fat, while the French fries are all carbs and calories. It lowers blood sugar levels and fermentation inside the stomach causing gas, flatulence and bloating.

7. Cheese and meat omelet

We might think that an omelet with cheese and bacon or shreds of chicken is a healthy breakfast option. But it is, in fact, an overdose of protein and protein combinations. This makes it difficult to digest. Instead, have a veggie omelet.

8. Food with water/juice

There are many who have this habit of sipping on water between every bite. This is one of the most toxic food combinations. The water that you drink between eating dilutes stomach acid making it difficult for carbohydrates, proteins, and fats to break down. Drink water 10 minutes before your meal.

Everyone has a unique digestive system. For some these food combinations might not have any effects on their health, but for others, it might have a toxic threat to the digestive system.

It is, therefore, better to avoid these food combinations altogether to avoid digestive discomfort.







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