8 Surprising Health Benefits of Cinnamon

Now let us look at lesser known aspects of cinnamon.Cinnamon or Dalchini (Hindi) or Dasinchakka (Telugu) is considered as a wonder herb that’s used for its antifungal, astringent, aphrodisiac properties apart from its lingering aroma. It is used in the form of bark and oil in aromatherapy. Ceylon cinnamon is known for its purity than cassia cinnamon that’s more commonly available in the market.

We know it is an integral part of the Indian masala mix and is used in famed biryanis and pulavs.

Now Let us Look at Lesser-known aspects of Cinnamon:

1. Managing your Insulin level

This is one of the most important health benefits of cinnamon as it helps to manage your insulin level & curb the urge of sugar intake which ultimately leads to being a very effective tool in Diabetes management.

2. Increase your metabolic activities

Cinnamon helps to increase circulation in your body which results in keeping your energy level up. So, if you want to utilize your optimum potential, include Cinnamon in your daily diet.

3. Helps in manage Arthritis pain

I have seen one of my relative suffering from Arthritis consuming the herbal concoction of Cinnamon, Turmeric, Dry Ginger powder with Milk & Honey. She said that she is consuming this from quite some time & feeling quite better and got eased with the unbearable pain.

4. Wheezing

Take a small quantity of cinnamon and boil with liquorice and palm candy to get relief from wheezing. This can be taken orally thrice a day and can be steam inhaled to give quick relief.

5. Heavy periods

The boiled water of cinnamon barks taken twice a day controls heavy bleeding. If cinnamon oil (therapeutic) is available, you can take add drops to a warm glass of water and consume to get the same results.

6. Dysentery

Half a teaspoon of the cinnamon leaves if taken every day, controls dysentery.

7. Sexual stimulation

It is a miracle herb for those having a lack of sexual drive or stimulation. If a pinch of cinnamon is taken to a glass of milk, before sleep daily, it has been shown to improve sperm count as well as promote sexual stimulation.

8. Abdominal pain and indigestion

Powdered cinnamon bark with saunf/fennel if taken with a glass of water, helps in relieving abdominal pains and digestive issues.

Apart from these cinnamons is much in demand for its woody fragrance and is used extensively by the cosmetics and perfume industry.

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