Alcohol is Healthy Too: Depends on What and How you Drink

Alcohol is Healthy

2018 is coming to an end and with the advent of the New Year, it is time to set new resolutions. But if one of your New Year resolutions is quitting alcohol, you might want to read this article before taking a decision. Some recent news had been making claims that a pint of beer or a glass of wine a day shortens lifespan. Such claims have dampened a lot of spirits who love their celebratory drink at Christmas or New Year. But these are some partial conclusions made. What we are here to discuss today is how much alcohol is too much alcohol and how can we drink while not harming our health as well. There have also been data that claims that the safety levels of alcohol depend on what we are drinking and how much we are drinking. So the studies have proved that in a way, a certain amount of alcohol is safe for you.

Let’s find out more. Here are some choices of alcohol that is actually good for your health and always in moderate amounts.


Having a glass of champagne is not that bad because it is low in calorie and is said to improve cognitive skills and is good for the brain. However, you must have it within limits.

Dry wine 

Being low in sugar, dry wine is a great option to have during dinner parties and festive get-togethers.

Red wine 

Red wine has many health benefits that cannot be denied. But simply drinking wine will not reap any health benefits unless you accompany it with a balanced diet, regular exercise, and optimum sleep. You must also be able to fight stress because there is no point in drinking excess wine as a therapy to stress.


Whiskeys are available in single malts or blends. It has been proved that whiskey has anti-oxidants that promote anti-aging and good hair health. You must not have more than 30 ml of it at one go or mix it with cold drinks, soda or other aerated drinks. By doing so, you’ll be ruining its purpose.


Cognac is a carbohydrate-free drink and is good for your lungs too.

While these are some of the healthy drinks, the ways in which you consume alcohol also has an effect on your health.

  • When you consume alcohol in huge amounts that the blood alcohol concentration rises above a certain level, your body breaks down alcohol in ways that produce free radicals that damage the liver and increases the risk of cancer.
  • Are you the one who loves to drink alcohol with meals? Then you are on a relatively safer side. Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach is way more harmful than having it with foods. Food slows the emptying of the stomach that lowers the blood alcohol concentration. If you are having a Mediterranean diet, the carcinogenic effects of alcohol die down because of the high levels of nutrients and folate in a Mediterranean diet.
  • It is also important that you drink a unit of alcohol in small sips with adequate food. It results in lower blood alcohol concentration as compared with a single unit of alcohol gulping in just one go on empty stomach.

Don’t binge-drink; on the contrary, enjoy the alcohol you are drinking with meals and conversation. This way you can incorporate alcohol as part of a healthy lifestyle. 


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