Alkaline Diet and its Health Benefits

Alkaline Diet and its Health Benefits

Before going further into the article, let us ask you one simple question – Is your diet acidic or alkaline? Well, wasn’t this the term we vaguely remember studying about in chemistry class? However, let’s not get into chemistry now. Alkaline Diet is a new diet form that many celebrities swear by to stay and look fit and glowing. They admitted Alkaline Diet is their secret to look good and stay slim. Jennifer Aniston, Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kirsten Dunst, Kate Hudson are some famous celebrities who have said ‘no’ too acidic food and rave about high-alkaline diets.


What is Alkaline Diet?

Let’s learn a little science behind the alkaline diet. Alkaline diet includes all such food that alters the pH balance and the measurement of acidity or alkalinity in your body. To explain in very simple words, if your food is acidic, after metabolism it will leave behind an acidic ash that will alter the pH of our urine. This will make you vulnerable to infections and illnesses. But alkaline food will leave behind an alkaline ash that will protect your health against diseases. It also improves your overall health toning your body and giving you that natural celebrity glow.

Here are some food components that are acidic and alkaline. Protein, sulfur, and phosphate are considered acidic diet while calcium, magnesium, and potassium are alkaline.

It is a plant-based diet that is called the alkaline diet. A healthy diet including fruits and vegetables, nuts and legumes devoid of alcohol, caffeine, poultry, meat, and other dairy products is the core of an alkaline diet.


Health Benefits of Alkaline Diet:

The modern generation lives on a high acidic diet with lots of meat, steaks, cheese, eggs, grains, and alcohol. It damages our health extensively. The food we eat these days is very rich in sodium, refined fats, sugar and chloride that affects our kidney, bones, damages tissue and affects the aging process.

Doctors to recommend a fruit and vegetable rich diet that has the following benefits


Maintains bone density and muscle mass –

Minerals play an important role in maintaining the structure of the bones and developing muscles. It also strengthens bones and protects the muscle mass preventing age-related bone diseases like osteoporosis, osteopenia, sarcopenia, and others.


Prevents hypertension and strokes –

Alkaline Diet improves cardiovascular health and prevents the development of serious diseases like high cholesterol, hypertension, kidney stones, stroke, and even memory loss.


Lowers chronic inflammation –

Chronic acidity can lead to common day to day health issues like back pain, headaches, muscle spasms, menstrual symptoms, inflammation, and joint pain. However, an alkaline diet reduces chronic pain improving the shape of health.


Improves immunity and protects against cancer –

An acidic diet leads to toxin accumulation in the body that weakens the immune system. But an alkaline-rich diet aids in optimum vitamin and mineral absorption from food that strengthens the immune system and protects cellular damage against free radicals that increases the risk of cancer.


Tones body and maintains a healthy weight –

Maintaining a healthy weight is quite stressful these days. Alkaline diet prevents obesity, decreases inflammation and aids in burning fat. It also takes care of your gut health and improves metabolic rate.


Therefore, celebrities boast of a slim and fit body sans a crash diet while also getting optimum essential vitamins and minerals in their everyday diet.

The next time you go shopping for vegetable tries and pick a fresh stock of mushrooms, spinach, cucumber, broccoli, beans, cabbage, avocado, dates, citrus fruits, bananas, garlic, ginger, and tomatoes.

 Your health and weight largely depend on what you put on your plate. 


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