Anti-Smoking Pills to Help you Quit Smoking

Congratulations! If you have decided to quit smoking!Congratulations! If you have decided to quit smoking!

Smoking is one of the worst habits that a person cultivates within. Once you tart smoking, it becomes a habit very soon and then it gets difficult to keep your hands off that cigarette box. You will need a cigarette at every moment then, be it you are happy, sad, stressed out, long office hours, drinking or eating; you need a smoke without a valid reason.

Smoking affects every organ of your body and there are millions of awareness campaigns that encourage you to give up on smoking.

Off late, there are many anti-smoking pills and patches that effectively help you to stay off cigarettes.


Nicotex chewing gum Moni plus -

This is an effective alternate to nicotine and is used as a smoking cessation therapy. According to the guidelines of using this pill, not even one drags of cigarette is recommended. Nicotex reduces the withdrawal symptoms. 

It is completely sugar-free and claims to help you quit smoking within 12 weeks.

Dr Willmar Schwabe India Daphne Indica Tablet -

This is a homeopathy supplementary pill that works specifically for tobacco de-addiction. It also gives you a calming effect while coping up with withdrawal symptoms like anxiety, frustration, irritability, disturbed sleep, erratic pain and depression. There are no such side-effects associated with this medication. When you start with this medication, the recommended dosage is 2 tablets for 2-3 times a day. You can keep reducing the dose as symptoms improve. 

Zyban Bupropion Tablets -

Though Bupropion was once prescribed as an anti-depressant, The FDA in 1997 has approved this tablet under the name Zyban as a medication to help people quit smoking. Medical researchers have shown that bupropion blocks the feel-good chemicals in your brain associated with smoking. It not only cuts down your craving for smoking, but also help you cope with distressing withdrawal symptoms easily.

SBL Lobelia Inflata Mother Tincture -

This is a natural anti-nicotine supplement extracted from the flower of lobelia plant that is proven to relieve nicotine cravings. This is a safe homeopathic remedy and helps addicts overcome their nicotine cravings substantially.


Always consult with a medical de-addiction practitioner before you go for these medications. Let them analyse your health conditions and recommend you the dosage and type of medication required.


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