Anushka Sharma Suffers From Cerebral Palsy in Zero

Anushka Sharma Suffers From Cerebral Palsy in Zero

Here are some quick facts about the disease: 

Today I watched the movie zero and this article is not a review of the movie. But on the contrary, today’s article will address a condition that has been shown in the movie. I had watched the trailer of the movie a month back and immediately recognized Anushka Sharma as having cerebral palsy. And today while watching the movie, Anushka Sharma has done full justice to her role and has acted out her character quite convincingly. But most people have many questions in their mind about cerebral palsy. All those who have watched the movie knows that Anushka Sharma is portrayed as a scientist who is affected by cerebral palsy, but the question that remains is whether children with cerebral palsy can grow up to be someone as genius as scientists? Or it is a mere fragmented story. Let’s find out.

  • Cerebral Palsy (CP) is a disorder that affects a person’s ability to move properly and maintain posture and balance.
  • It disables the motor ability in a child.
  • Statistics have found that cerebral palsy is more common in boys than in girls
  • About 75-85% of children with cerebral palsy have spastic CP and hence they suffer difficulty in the movement because their muscles get stiff in this condition.
  • More than half of the children with cerebral palsy can walk independently without others’ help but some mobility aid like a wheelchair and likewise.
  • Many children with CP have some or the other accompanying diseases like epilepsy or autism.
  • CP if not diagnosed at birth can be easily diagnosed in the first or second year after birth. If the symptoms are mild, it might take a few more years before CP is diagnosed.

What are the early symptoms of Cerebral Palsy?

Up to 5 years of age, a normal child must reach the milestones of rolling over, crawling, sittings, standing and walking. If you notice a delay in these movement milestones even after 5 years, you must visit a doctor rule out CP. Some other signs of a possible CP are:

In a 3-6 months baby:

  • Head falls back when picked up
  • Feels floppy/stiff
  • Legs get stiffed or crossed when picked up

In a baby over 6 months:

  • Doesn’t roll over in either direction
  • Cannot bring hands together
  • Faces difficulty bringing hands to mouth
  • Reaches out with one hand only, while the other remains fisted

If you observe any such symptoms in your child, see a doctor at once.


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