Are Multivitamin Benefits a Myth?

We’ll walk you through some myths and facts about multi-vitamins and everything that you need to know about them

Most of us pop in a number of multivitamins daily and there is a chance that you might be one of them too. Multivitamins are available easily these days as over-the-counter medications and we prefer having them every now and then. As much as a variety of vitamins and minerals are needed for a healthy body and maintain a strong immune system, it is important that we get them from food rather than in the form of pills. But in such a modern busy lifestyle, we often eat foods that are empty calories or with insufficient nutrients. So to keep our body functioning well, we believe in taking supplements. That is the reason that the supplement industry is flourishing in leaps and bounds these days.

It is the truth that vitamins are the most essential when it comes to being healthy but an overdose of vitamins can be dangerous even. We’ll walk you through some myths and facts about multi-vitamins and everything that you need to know about them.

1. It is often believed that inadequate eating and nutrition consumption can be supplemented with multi-vitamin medicines. There is a huge debate on this by researchers and the revelations are divided. While some studies say that multivitamins save against premature deaths, other studies have nothing to prove this point. Food is always the best source to get the needed nutrients. Natural food sources have vitamins and minerals in abundance. Supplements are meant to supplement the diet, not replace it.

2. Supplements are natural, hence they are safe. Medicines are processed and multivitamins are medicines processed in pill-form, hence they are unnatural. Studies have found that popping in multivitamins do not lower risk of heart disease or memory loss and does not ensure a longer lifespan.

3. It is often believed that consuming any amount of vitamin is completely safe and that is one of the biggest myths people consider true. We eat fortified cereals and sports bar that have a 100% or even more dietary allowance of vitamins and minerals and adding supplements along with them cause a vitamin overdose. This is hazardous for health as it can damage vital organs as well.

  • An overdose of Vitamin A affects the liver and leads to birth defects in pregnant mothers.
  • Too much Vitamin B6 causes nerve damage.
  • Excess of Vitamin C turn the antioxidants into pro-oxidants that cause cellular damage and diarrhea.

4. It is believed by many that multivitamins give your energy. That is a false fact again. Multivitamin supplements as they claim can never boost your energy. It is a misconception. Calories give you energy, vitamins don’t.

5. Many people consider multivitamin supplements as an inevitable part of their regular diet and don’t mention them when visiting the doctor for other health conditions. They think these supplements don’t interact with medications and can be safely had with any medications. But that is not true. Every dietary supplement has their unique characteristics that interfere with aspirins and antibiotics if not regulated by doctors.

Doctors urge people to up their nutrition game through natural food sources rather than supplements. Alternatively, supplements can be consumed in the following situations –

  • If your diet is calorie-restricted, your health might benefit from a multivitamin
  • If you are lactose-intolerant, have calcium and Vitamin D supplements
  • If you are a vegan, Vitamin B12 supplements are beneficial to health
  • A pregnant woman benefits from having folic acid supplements

Let your doctor know whenever you are thinking of starting a multivitamin supplement course. Don’t self-medicate even if they are herbal supplements.


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