Breast Cancer Awareness & Myths associated with it

Breast cancer awareness


In India, we are witnessing the increased trend of patients being diagnosed with breast cancer to be in the younger age groups (in their 30’s and 40’s).
Breast Cancer is the most common in cities in India & the 2nd most common in rural areas which shows how vital role lifestyle plays for it.
As we cannot prevent Breast Cancer early detection can help live a longer life if cancer is detected.

BREAST AWARENESS is the way to go

Many women in India still consider it as a cultural taboo to talk about it freely or are very shy to visit doctors for yearly check-ups. There is an utmost need to educate and make men and women aware of this cancer and its detection measures.
Breast Awareness means that a woman must be familiar about the structure of her breasts by examining them regularly so that she can herself feel if any changes may have happened and which could be an early sign of cancer. The best time to do that is during bath time as we have time to ourselves and the body is relaxed.
Early detection includes doing monthly breast self-exams and yearly clinical checks ups and mammogram after 40 years of age.

Common Myths about Breast Cancer

1) Consumption of Dairy increases your chance of getting breast cancer

The truth is dairy has no correlation with breast cancer and neither does it increases the risk towards it. The fact is that if someone is overweight, the chance of occurrence is little high. Why this myth has been circulated is because high consumption of dairy products leads to weight gain & one of the associated link factor for breast cancer.

2) If you find a lump in your Breast means you have Breast Cancer

A lump in the breast or armpit always raises an alarm of breast cancer, however, not all lumps are cancerous. Non-cancerous lumps should also be examined by a doctor to get a clear answer. Half knowledge is always dangerous.

3) If someone from your family has Breast Cancer, you will have it too.

The truth is a family history of breast cancer does not mean you will have breast cancer. Statistics say that only about 10% of individuals diagnosed with breast cancer have a family history of this disease. There are a lot of other risk factors like unhealthy lifestyle, smoking, drinking alcohol, prolonged exposure to estrogen, lack of exercise etc.

4) Breast Cancer is contagious

Breast cancer is non-contagious. It can only spread in case of organ or tissue transplantation; however, doctors avoid taking donors who have a history of cancer.

5) Antiperspirants and Deodorants Cause Breast Cancer

According to recent studies, researchers have found no link/evidence between deodorants and breast cancer. Use your deodorant as much as you may like :)

6) Mammogram increases the risk of spreading Breast Cancer

A mammogram is the process of early detection of Breast Cancer using low radiation X-ray. When the breasts get pressed during the test, it does not spread cancer, however, it is a standard method of screening and diagnose and is very helpful. It is advisable to get the mammogram done yearly after the age of 40. The risk from the exposure of radiation is very low.


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