Breast Milk or Formula Milk: The Real Difference!

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The world today is extremely fast-paced with each and everyone working to earn a good livelihood. Unlike olden days when babies were exclusively breastfed, these days after a few months formula feeding is preferred as mothers run short of maternity leave. Today’s article is a comparison between breast milk and formula milk and if there is a real difference. But before we start off with the article, let you tell you a story of a mother who preferred breastfeeding her baby even while at the office. This is about a friend of mine who had been on a maternity leave for 6 months and extended her leave for a seventh month just to be with her newborn. Even after joining office, she used to pump her breast milk out and store them in breast milk storage bags that came complete with ice packs for safe storage.  She was adamant on never using formula milk for her baby. But does that mean formula milk is not good for your baby? Let’s find out the difference between the two.


Every mother is different, every baby is different and parenting is never similar. While many mothers might debate on the goodness of breast milk, others might find that formula milk is working best for their baby as their breast milk might be inadequate to fulfill baby’s hunger. Every mother has a pretty strong opinion on their choice of feeding their baby.

Jansen Howard, a mother from Colorado Springs decided to take this topic up and puts a drop of her own breast milk under a microscope. For everyone to see what breast milk actually is, she posted this video on a social media platform captioned as, “… this is SO COOL!!!!!!!! This is the living liquid gold we call breast milk in motion!!!! …”

It was actually amazing what she found under the lens. That single drop of breast milk had to live colorful blobs that were filled with active enzymes, antibodies, immune factors, large fat molecules, and white blood cells. In addition to these, there are numerous molecules of Carbohydrates, Proteins, Vitamins and minerals, and amino acids. It is not for nothing that breast milk is called the ultimate meal for a baby under 6 months.

In fact, doctors say that you can breastfeed your child even when you catch a cold. Because the moment you are infected, your body starts making antibodies that prevent your baby from catching a cold. If you stop breastfeeding, chances are your baby might fall ill.

Now Jansen Howard didn’t just leave it to that. She took a step further to investigate the goodness of formula milk too. The difference was evident. There were no white blood cells or fat molecules present. However, it definitely contains the essential carbohydrates and fats. Formula milk is also designed to give your baby a mix of all the essential nutrients I the form of calcium, phosphorus, zinc, iodine, iron, sodium, potassium, folic acid, and others.

Formula milk might leave your baby gassy and constipated but breast milk is light and ideal to digest. You might also be aware of the many benefits of breast milk.


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Don’t deprive your baby off breast milk. These days you can even store your breast milk in suitable bags with gel ice packs for up to a day. It is totally safe and recommended by doctors too. Talk to your pediatrician to learn more about how to safely store your breast milk. 


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