Can Smoking Affect Your Sexual Health?

smoking and sexual health

Sex gives you immense pleasure, smoking gives you too. But what if you get to know that smoking is directly affecting your sexual performance? Which one would you give up? Do you know what contributes to the arousal? It is blood circulation and tobacco poses a negative effect on blood circulation by constricting the blood vessels. Certain studies and researches have been done to understand the relationship between smoking and sexual function. They have recorded accounts of how sex was no longer of any interest to them. Sex was suddenly boring to them. They began feeling out of breath and gross along with erectile dysfunctions and low libido.

How tobacco affects sexual health?

It has been demonstrated and well-discussed about how smoking tobacco has adverse effects on health, be it the heart health or respiratory health. You must also be aware that long-term smoking is a risk factor that affects fertility, leads to erectile dysfunction and affects sexual health in all ways possible.

A single cigarette has around 41,000 toxic chemicals, the hazardous among them being arsenic, tar, acetone, nicotine and carbon monoxide all of which shrinks and dries up the blood vessels constricting blood circulation. Hence it will have detrimental effects on blood supply that will affect the cardiovascular health. It also constricts the penal arteries that cause erectile dysfunction. And it can actually serve as a warning sign before you experience your first cardiac illness symptom.

An erectile dysfunction problem is usually noticed among men in their 30s and 40s who have been smoking for years now. But in recent years, this problem is prevalent among men of the younger generation accounting to at least 15% - 20% of them having this issue.

The nicotine in cigarettes also affects the hormonal balance and low production of testosterone. It is associated with low libido and leads to impotency that can stand in the way of extending your family. 

Panayiotis M. Zavos, Ph.D., director of the Andrology Institute of America and professor of reproductive physiology and andrology at the University of Kentucky in Lexington says that "Smoking has a direct, negative effect on the sexuality of a man on every level."

Similarly, if a woman is addicted to smoking, it will lead to inadequate sexual arousal, like vaginal dryness.

How to quit smoking?

Be motivated enough to quit smoking. Think of stress and anxiety as games that your mind is playing with you to urge you to smoke. You should be mentally strong enough to think that you can overcome these feelings even without a cigarette. It may be difficult for the first two weeks when you are on your journey to quit but the urge will go easy and you can get through.

Let’s admit the fact that sex is the essence of a strong relationship. Don’t let cigarette be the abusive third member in your relationship. Quit smoking for a functional and satisfying sexual life.

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