Did you know these Foods cause Constipation?

Foods causing constipation

Constipation is a very common but one of the worst health complications in everyday life. People who suffer from constipation find it very difficult to manage their daily life hassle-free. If a person has less than three bowel movements per week, it is considered constipation and if they have less than one bowel movement in a week, it is severe constipation. While we have discussed foods that help to ease and regulate bowel movement, here are some constipation-causing foods that should be avoided.

If you suffer from constipation and these foods are a part of your diet, give them up right away.

Raw Bananas –

As much as ripe bananas are one of the best foods to help you with bowel regulation, raw bananas should be avoided at all cost if you are constipated. Ripe bananas are natural laxatives as they are rich in fiber but raw bananas contain unhealthy starch that is difficult to break down and makes it difficult for digestion. It hardens stool and blocks movement leading to stomach spasms.


Eggs –

Eggs are devoid of fiber that makes it a constipation-causing food. They might be very rich in protein but excess consumption of boiled egg causes major constipation and already constipated people having them can face serious bowel issues.


Cow Milk –

Isn’t cow milk supposed to be healthy? It definitely is but any food that is devoid of fiber can cause constipation as it is not easily digestible. Cow milk needs certain special enzymes that will help in digestion but the human body is not blessed with such enzymes. That is why consuming cow milk in large quantities causes stomach ache, gas, bloating and chronic constipation. It can prove very harmful for infants too.

Alternatively, instead of too much milk, you can try having a bowl of curd that is not just rich in probiotics but also prevents constipation.



Who could have thought that chocolate would make it a part of the constipation-causing foods list! If you are suffering from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), cut back on chocolate c0mpletely. It might not be particularly the cocoa that causes constipation, but the fat, milk, caffeine and other ingredients that are to be blamed for constipation. Chocolates are also high in sugar that might make the bowel movement difficult.


White Rice –

White rice is a common staple in everyday meal and white rice leading to constipation is almost unbelievable. But researchers say that since the husk and bran have been removed from white rice, the fiber content in them decreases that might lead to constipation. Since dal rice is a comfort food for most Indians, nutritional experts advice on adding a dollop of ghee or some veggie accompaniments to increase the fiber in a meal. This will ensure a healthy bowel movement.


Change your diet habits and get rid of constipation for better health and quality of life.


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