E-Cigarettes: Is it good or bad?

Here are some facts to help you know more about e-cigarettes –

“Chill Ma’am! I’m just vaping!” This was what I heard from a wannabe ‘cool’ guy who was present at a party I visited the other day. Excuse me? What on earth is vaping? I wanted to ask him but instead turned to Google for the same. Google explained me well, ‘it is the act of inhaling and exhaling vapor produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device’.

These days, many have started smoking e-cigarettes instead of cigarettes as they consider it not harmful and it will also make them look cool. But what is it in reality? Are e-cigarettes actually not harmful? Are they cool for your health?

Here are some facts to help you know more about e-cigarettes –


E-cigarette is bad for your health

Just like regular cigarettes, nicotine is the primary agent in e-cigarettes too. It is equally addictive and since you have this premonition that it is not harmful like cigarettes, you tend to get hooked on to it more. Because of the nicotine content, it raised your blood pressure and spikes your adrenaline that in turn increases your heart rate. You still have the risk of heart attack.


E-cigarette is toxic

We know that regular cigarettes contain nicotine and other 7000 chemicals that are toxic for your health. E-cigarettes have nicotine and flavorings in them but we have no idea of the chemical content in e-cigarettes which makes it even more dangerous. But as it is believed, e-cigarettes have fewer toxic chemicals than traditional cigarettes. 

According to findings published by The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, a vast majority of electronic cigarettes have certain substances in them that are potentially toxic.


E-Cigarettes cause embryonic deformities

Women who are heavy smokers switch to e-cigarettes after pregnancy as they perceive it to be safer for babies. But new research has found out that the aerosol mixture in e-cigarettes can have adverse effects on the growing embryo. It increases the risk of birth defects like cleft palate. The flavoring in e-cigarette when heated turn to carcinogenic compounds.


E-Cigarettes harm the developing brain

The image issues in adolescents push them to adopt many ill addictions, e-cigarettes being one of them. Adolescence is an important phase of brain development and nicotine exposure from e-cigarettes during this age can harm the developing brain and lead to a very strong addiction.


E-Cigarettes are not the best smoking cessation tool in the market

Although e-cigarettes are marketed as a tool to help you quit smoking, FDA has not approved of the same. A survey has found out that people who have switched to e-cigarettes with a desire to quit smoking ended up being addicted to both the traditional cigarettes as well as the e-cigarette.

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