Easy Ways to Include Exercise in your Daily Routine

ou can sneak in a lot of exercises in the midst of your daily routine. Follow these tips and discover a new you!It is never too late to start something. If you have been finding excuses to not exercise, don’t try further guys. There are multiple ways you can incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Staying busy is never an excuse for not working out. Nobody asked you to visit the gym and spend hours on a treadmill or other fancy gym equipment. The key to staying fit and healthy is to keep your body moving. And if you think there is no way you can incorporate exercise in your busy lifestyle routine, we’ll show you the way.


Let’s Start the Day:

Round 1

It’s 6 am! Your phone alarm has started ringing. Are you in a habit of hitting the snooze and catching on a power nap for another ten minutes? DON’T!

Slightly curl yourself off the bed to do some sit-ups. Bend your knees, put your arms behind your head and do some ten sit-ups. While still on the bed and your knees bent, get your hips and back off the bed for a perfect bridge. Hold for 30 seconds.

That’s two exercises done before you even step on the floor.


Round 2

After you are done answering nature’s call, it’s time to brush your teeth. Sneak in a few squats while you brush. Instead of just standing and looking at the mirror when you brush, squat on a floor and pulse after every 4 or 5 brush movements.

Now prepare a nutritious breakfast. You have a long day ahead. While you are applying some makeup, instead of standing on both legs, balance yourself on one leg to engage your core muscles.


Round 3

It’s time for the office now. If your office is a few kilometers from home, walk the distance. Or if you need to catch a public transport, walk to the bus stop or the metro. A moderate intensity cardio exercise has been done already.

After you reach the office, avoid the elevator or the escalator. Sprint up the stairs. This is a must. Try taking brisk steps up the stairs. Research has found that short intense exercises like these have significant benefits to your heart. It also improves your cardio-respiratory fitness.


Round 4

Once you have reached your workstation, you are not bound to sit for nine hours at a stretch. Do you know that a recent study has found out that sitting increase your risk of death up to 40%? It is termed as “the silent killer”. Sitting for prolonged periods give rise to many diseases like heart diseases, diabetes, stroke, high cholesterol and high blood pressure that results in premature death. Besides it also wrecks havoc on your spine. The only solution to this is taking breaks in between work hours and stretch as and when needed. So how can we sneak exercise in office hours and also not attract smirks from our colleagues?

  • Instead of using the email at all times, walk up to your co-worker's desk.
  • Take short breaks in between and take a five-minute stroll on your office floor. It can reverse the severe effects that sitting poses on your leg arteries.
  • You can do some stretching exercises at your desk too that won’t attract your co-workers’ attention.


Round 5

Once you get back home from work, you must be super tired and want to relax by watching some television. Put your favorite show on and now it’s time to engage in some core strengthening exercises. Crunches, planks, Reverse crunch, Russian twist, flutter kicks, and push-ups.


Round 6

After a good dinner, when you retire for the day, it’s time to calm your mind. Close your eyes and block your mind from all external affairs. Meditate for about 10-15 minutes.


So you can sneak in a lot of exercises in the midst of your daily routine. Follow these tips and discover a new you!

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