Essential Healthcare Equipment's to be Kept at Home

Blood pressure machine

How many of you have the basic medical devices at home? You might at the most have a thermometer. But do you know that it is important to keep a few medical devices like a BP machine, a glucometer, nebulizer, weighing scales and a child-friendly thermometer? Our constant on-the-go lifestyle has been full of stress, unhealthy diet, sleeplessness and sedentary life. This has lead to the younger generation suffering from high blood pressure, high glucose levels, obesity and cholesterol. So if you have these medical devices handy, you can keep a tab of your health instead of running to the doctor to check your vitals.

Let us See The Importance of Each of These Medical Devices:

BP machine – 

A blood pressure monitor is also called sphygmomanometer. This is a very essential health device that needs to be kept at home for patients having high blood pressure. Although regular medications are a part of their daily routine, but monitoring blood pressure is also important. It is not possible to visit a clinic every time to check BP. That is when a BP machine comes handy.

These days, wireless BP monitors are also available that gets easily synchronized with your Smartphone via Bluetooth.


Glucometer – 

Diabetes is a common chronic health condition that requires regular monitoring as well.  But keeping a measuring device at home keeps your vitals in check. Every time you need not go to the doctor or the lab for blood sugar check. You can keep a record of your sugar levels and inform the doctor about it. So if you or someone in your family is dependent on insulin, keeping a glucometer at home is a life-saver. 


Nebuliser –

Air pollution is prevalent in all metropolitan cities. With numerous vehicles plying on the roads regularly, we get exposed to toxic gas and polluted air that literally damages our respiratory system. Even children are suffering from pulmonary diseases like bronchitis or asthma. There has been an alarming rise in the number of COPD as compared to the last decade. Children are the most affected from respiratory infections and breathing issues. It is impossible to rush to the doctor at all times; hence keeping a nebulizer handy is the best solution.

This device administers medication that can be inhaled in lungs for timely relief. Keep a pediatric nebulizer if your child is asthmatic.


Weighing Scales – 

Obesity is another serious health condition that triggers a number of serious chronic illnesses like diabetes, high cholesterol high BP, heart diseases, osteoarthritis, certain forms of cancer or even sleep disorders. It is very important to maintain your weight according to your height.

There are also certain times when you start losing weight without a reason. Unexplainable loss of weight also indicates health issues like viral or parasitic infections, gut abnormalities, celiac disease, IBD, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, depression or even cancer. Your body weight is important if you wish to maintain a good health.


Kid-friendly thermometer – 

Thermometers are the most important health device that is an essential in any household, especially if you have a baby. Kids and babies fall sick often owing to a developing immune system and they being vulnerable to bacteria and virus. Normal thermometers don’t usually work for kids as they get very fussy when sick. A forehead thermometer is therefore the best choice. They are the most accurate thermometers using infrared technology.


Keeping these medical devices at home will save you multiple trips at the hospital or clinic. Buy them online at HealthFolks.


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