Essentials to pack when Traveling with a Baby

Find all baby essentials on HealthFolks. Have a happy vacation with your baby!Is this the first time you are traveling with your baby? You might be super excited as this is your first break after a super-long pregnancy, childbirth, and the constant nursing. Doesn’t this vacation seem like a total relief from those baby tending hardships you have been facing? I took my first vacation since pregnancy when my daughter was a year old. I was very thrilled. I knew that it is not easy to travel with a baby but I had all the essential things jotted down. I didn’t think of this as a task but instead focused on how happy and cheerful my baby would feel in a new place.

So today, let me share with you everything that I had packed for my baby and never faced a difficulty in the week-long vacation. You might be surprised that your kiddo’s bag will be heavier than both of your bags combined.

This checklist will make your job easy while packing things for your baby.


These are the Essential-Musts When Traveling with a Baby:


Disposable diapers are a must when you are traveling with your baby. The younger your baby, there are chances that your baby will pee and poop a number of times. So it is better that you always carry at least an extra pack of diapers to keep your baby dry and comfortable at all times. A wet diaper will make your baby cranky unnecessarily.

Include a diaper rash cream too.

 We have listed down the top 5 most preferable diaper brands by Indian parents.


Baby Wipes

Just like diapers, baby wipes are also essential when traveling. You can keep your baby’s back completely dry. Besides, wipes will also help you to clean your baby’s face and hands after eating.

Wipes are such a versatile item that you can use them too for freshening up. An added bonus!

 Top 5 Baby Wipes Available in Indian Market for your little one


Formula Feeding –

Even if you are nursing your baby, make sure that you carry formula foods for your babies like Lactogen or Cerelac. Carry water from home for your baby. Also, fill a flask with hot water.



This is another important thing that you should not forget to carry when traveling with your kid. You are traveling to a different place with a different climatic condition. There might be chances of your baby falling ill.

Paediatric paracetamol, a cough syrup, gripe water, multivitamins (zincovit), nasal aspirator and a thermometer are some first aid essentials.



Blankets keep your baby warm and cozy. It is handy when you are trying to put your baby to sleep. A blanket also keeps your baby warm inducing sleep and prevents your baby from catching a cold in the cold airline temperature. But make sure that you carry two to three small blankets instead of one large.


Other than these, you also need to carry an extra pair of clothing, baby creams and lotions, disposable plastic bags, tissues, pacifiers, bibs, and a few toys for your babies.


Find all baby essentials on healthfolks Have a happy vacation with your baby!


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