Exclusive: Know all About Kangana Ranaut’s Beauty and Fitness Secrets

Exclusive: Know all about Kangana Ranaut’s beauty and fitness secrets

Kangana Ranaut, the unapologetic ‘Queen’ of Bollywood is known for being a perfectionist and a beauty with brains. She has managed to stir up multiple controversies with her abominable revelations to the media and interviews. Her film Manikarnika has finally hit the theatres and been welcomed with rave reviews. Here are some of her best-kept beauty and fitness secrets that she shared with her fans.

Beauty secrets of Kangana Ranaut:

Seldom actresses look beautiful without makeup due to the many treatments and cosmetic use their skin has to endure on a daily basis. But not her. She has appeared before the media time and again flaunting her naked skin and boy, did we love it. If you have been wondering how she manages that lovely glow on her skin, keep reading.

She believes in the age-old CTM routine and follows it religiously for her glowing skin. She never goes to bed with her makeup on and removes every trace of makeup very well. She also revealed that occasionally she uses honey (for its anti-bacterial properties) for beautiful and clear skin. She admitted that she does not get facials done as she has sensitive skin, but does indulge in occasional cleanups.

Kangana Ranaut is known for her supremely curly hair that is extremely beautiful and is her style statement. She has naturally curly hair and takes a lot of care to manage it well. She does intensive repair treatment for her hair to protect it from damage and breakage from styling heat and chemicals. She follows her grandmother’s advice when it comes to maintaining her tresses. She oils and steams her hair thrice a week. Kangana makes sure that she uses only organic shampoo for her hair.

Diet secrets of Kangana Ranaut:

Kangana Ranaut is a vegetarian and she loves Indian food. She prefers a very simple meal with dal, chawal, and rotis. She loves having Indian homemade food infused with organic spices and ghee. She does not believe in crash diets but keeps changing her intake of carbs and protein as her role demands. She ensures proper hydration all day long by

However, at times she indulges in pizza and other food items to avoid cravings.

Fitness secrets of Kangana Ranaut:

Kangana Ranaut is a fitness junkie and prefers going to the gym five times a week for 2 hours. She does a mix of circuit training, weight training and strength training to maintain a toned physique. She also practices power yoga and meditation once a week.

Her absolute beauty essentials:

Kangana never leaves her homes without a concealer, a blusher, and a lip balm. She even admitted,  “… I’ve used concealer to hide the exhaustion on my face, but take the compliments from people when they ‘say you are looking fresh’.”



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