Female Masturbation: Is it a Bad Thing?

Female Masturbation

There is a lot of conjecture in today’s society regarding masturbation. Everyone wants to ask the same question, is masturbation good or bad? Is Will masturbating affect my health? If I masturbate will I be considered ‘bad’? What are the side-effects of masturbating daily? When is masturbation not considered safe? What can I do to get rid of masturbation addiction?

Yes, there are a number of questions that people wonder but the societal taboo doesn’t allow them to. However, today we will clear all the doubts and answer these questions and many more that you might have wondered about ‘female masturbation’.

What is masturbation? It is normal?

Right from our adulthood, we all probably know what masturbation is. It is self-satisfying yourself sexually without intercourse. It is as normal as having sex and everyone around the world masturbates. It is a sane behavoiur and there is nothing perverse associated with it. There has been a social study conducted where more than 95% of men and 89% of females have admitted to the fact that they have masturbated at some point in their lives.

I caught my pre-schooler masturbating. Should I be concerned?

This is something most mothers are concerned about. It might be a disturbing sight for parents. According to paediatric counsellors, masturbation is not essentially a sign of any sexual abuse. It is normal and punishing a child or reacting before them with panic does no good. Look at it as a way of self-discovering their body parts. It is nothing immoral or abnormal, just your child’s way of exploring his/her genitals. If they do it publicly, teach them that touching genitals in front of others is not something to be done. Also if you notice any other abnormal behavior like excessive touching of genitals or likewise, talk to a counselor.

Now that we have talked about ‘masturbation in children’, let’s move to our original topic – ‘Female Masturbation’

Is it a ‘bad thing’ for a woman to masturbate?

Whoever said that has a demeaning mindset. In India, we have been taught from our very childhood that it is shameful to touch our private parts (especially women), as a result of which we often don’t recognize our sexual longings and desire. Those women taking about sex explicitly are termed as being a slut. Masturbating definitely does not make you a bad woman. You should totally recognize your sexuality, be comfortable with your body and know your likes and dislikes when it comes to sexual pleasure.

Experience masturbation with joy putting behind all guilt and shame.

Is it common for women to masturbate?

Female masturbation has got a bad reputation around the world but research tells otherwise. Women often don’t talk about ‘it’, but they definitely do ‘it’ more often than assumed. Besides, it is healthy sexual behavior. We will cover the benefits of masturbation for women in the below sections.

Is it harmful to women to masturbate?

From a biological perspective, masturbation is definitely not harmful to you. On the contrary, it has a few health benefits:

  • Improves blood circulation through the body
  • Releases feel-good chemicals endorphins
  • Improves sex life
  • Helps you sleep well
  • Can ease menstrual pain
  • Helps release stress
  • Eases post-menopausal sexual problems

Is it healthy if a woman masturbates daily?

There is nothing wrong though in masturbating daily, it can affect your daily life and activities if it becomes an addiction. It can also affect sexual intimacy with your partner.

How frequently can women masturbate?

It varies from women to women. Some women have said that they masturbate twice a week, while some every seven days of the week. It entirely depends on your sexual drive and desires. But if you think that it is going out of control, try diverting your energy to other activities like sports or hobby classes. It will maintain a balance in your life. Alternatively, if you feel that you are addicted to masturbation that it affects your sexual intimacy with your partner, visit a psychiatrist.

What are the benefits of female masturbation?

  • It prevents cervical infections and relieves UTI.
  • Relieves you of depression
  • Improves self-confidence and self-awareness.
  • Provides greater resistance of heart diseases and type 2 diabetes

When is masturbation not considered safe?

Masturbation is always safe of practiced hygienically. But if you are touching the genitals of an infected person and then touching yours, you might contract STIs. It might also happen if you are sharing your sex toys.

Are there any side-effects of masturbating daily?

Not at all, as long as you are in control. Excessive masturbating can cause genital irritation and disconnect you emotionally and sexually from your partner. It can also interfere with your daily life and social relationships.

We have spoken about a sensitive topic today and hopefully have been able to clear most of your queries about masturbation. 


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