Fitness Mantra of MS Dhoni: It’s as Cool as our Cricket's superstar

MS Dhoni fitness secrets

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, also nicknamed as Captain Cool among his fans is an Indian International Cricketer who had served as the Captain of the Indian team (in the ICC World T20 segment) from 2007 to 2016 and in Test Cricket from 2008 to 2014. He was hailed as one of the greatest Indian captains. Under his captaincy, India won the second ICC Cricket World Cup in 2011 since their first World Cup title in 1983. He has shared his mantra to staying fit and keeping calm.

Dhoni said, “It’s a simple thing. Out of 100%, 80% is food as it depends on what you are eating and when you are eating. Apart from that, the remaining 20% is your workout which can be done by any of us.” He also added, “If one can change his food habits and the timings of food intake then one can realize how he has changed himself. Intake of low sugar and fat-containing diets are highly beneficial. The results are bound to come if one follows their diets regularly” … “No one has to be an athlete. You need to be fit enough to enjoy your life.”


Dhoni’s diet plan

MS Dhoni is 37 but is still deemed as one of the fittest cricketers of the Indian team. He says that since the time he has started playing from the team since 2004, he has followed a strict diet routine and has maintained it thus. In the process, he has also sacrificed some of his favourite foods like soft drinks, milkshakes and chocolates. He says that with age, dietary habits need to undergo a change. It can’t be the same throughout. When he first debuted in 2004, he used to have butter chicken, naan, milkshakes, chocolates and soft drinks. But as he turned 28, he gave up chocolates and milkshakes only to sacrifice soft drinks a few years later. After he retired Test Cricket in 2015, he ticked most of his favourites off the list to replace them with a lot of healthy food and kebabs. He also drinks fresh fruit juice and a lot of protein drinks to keep his energy high during workout and practice sessions. He also loves Indian food and his daily diet comprises of dal, rice, vegetables, chapatti and chicken. He also drinks a litre of milk every day to keep his bones string and avoid bone injuries during playing.


Dhoni’s exercise routine

Besides healthy food, Dhoni also makes it a point to be physically active daily. Cricketers need to be immensely fit to hit that big game-changing six or stand in squat opposition behind the wicket for a long time. Dhoni takes special care of his exercise routine to stay fit and increase his resistance.

When he is not playing cricket, he plays football and badminton and believes that these sports improves his concentration, eyesight and footwork. His personal trainer has revealed that often he switched his gym session with these games.

When he is going to the gym, he focuses mainly on strength training as it prevents injury, increase running speed and throwing distance, reduce fatigue and improve batting speed. Some of Dhoni’s favourite gym workouts are Machine chest press, V-grip lateral pulldown, Lateral pulldown, Dumbbell chest press, Prone dumbbell rowing, Reverse lunges and more.


These were some tips from the Captain Cool himself. You can adopt them and make changes according to your body type and diet preferences to get healthy and fit.



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