5 Common Signs of Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases of a woman’s life. While it brings in a flood of joy and happiness, it carries with itself a number of unavoidable woes.

We have included below some classic pregnancy signs faced by everyone. The result of a poll conducted by the American Pregnancy Association reveals the most common pregnancy signs experienced by women.

  •  29% women report missed period as their pregnancy flag-bearer
  •  25% women said that they experienced nausea and morning sickness that confirmed of their pregnancy
  •  17% of the women said that sensitive and tender breasts were their initial pregnancy symptom.

1. Missed period 

If you are old enough to bear a child and have had unprotected sex, a missed period can be the foremost sign to anticipate pregnancy. While some women also complain of having periods even after conception, the blood flow is much lighter and for a very short period of time. But if you have irregular periods, then this sign can be quite misleading. Keep an eye on some other signs too.

2. Tender and swollen breasts

If your breasts are sensitive to touch and you notice a considerable unexplained swelling, there might be a chance that you are pregnant.

3. Morning sickness

The most classic symptom of pregnancy is morning sickness and feeling nauseated at most times of the day. Such uneasiness might show up within 2- 8 weeks of conception. Though it subsides usually after the first trimester, some women have complained of morning sickness throughout their pregnancy.

4. Fatigue and exhaustion

Pregnant women often complain of feeling excessively tired and fatigued in the first few months after conception. Feeling sleepy, not having the urge to perform day-to-day activities happen due to the sudden rush of hormonal changes in the body.

5. Frequent urge to urinate

Who knows better than a pregnant woman how uncomfortable it is to pay unlimited visits to the washroom! As there is an increased amount of blood in the body when pregnant, it causes the kidney to process extra fluid and gets transferred to the bladder that prompts us to urinate multiple times.


These are the most common and early signs of pregnancy. If you are trying to get pregnant and experience one of these signs, good news might be knocking on your door!

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