5 Ways to Protect Your Kid During Changing Weather

Here we give you 5 important tips to safeguard your child in any weather conditions.

Kids are the most vulnerable to weather change. Indian weather sometimes changes dramatically within a span of just 24 hours and that is when children get easily susceptible to viral and bacterial infections. Since children have a developing immune system, so the drastic changing weather conditions wreaks havoc on children’s health.

The concern that keeps looming over parents’ mind is how to protect babies effectively from the unseen weather change.


Here we give you 5 Important Tips to Safeguard your Child in any Weather Conditions:


1. Breastfeed your baby

Breastmilk is considered liquid gold and its myriad benefits can never be denied. It not only has an incredible benefit for your child’s growth and development but also plays a significant role in building your child’s immune system and resistance towards warding off diseases and infections. So, breastfeed your baby exclusively for the first six months to keep your little one healthy.   


2. Bathe and massage under safe conditions

You should be careful of the temperature status when you are massaging and giving your baby a bath. If possible keep a heater close to the bathtub to maintain a comfortable temperature. Make sure that there is no gust of cold breeze when you are massaging your child. Choose a time, maybe late in the day to bathe your baby. Never put on a fan or cooler immediately after bathing your kid.


3. Feed a balanced diet

Immunity and resistance power in a child comes from what she eats and drinks. It is important to push as much as minerals and vitamins like Vitamin C, zinc and antioxidants through her diet to balance the immunity power in your child. A strong immune system will enable your child to fight off small infections easily. Identify the food triggers to cold or sickness in your child. For some, buttermilk triggers off cough and cold during monsoon or winter months.                   


4. Maintain a steady hygiene

Each and every time, your child will step out of the house for playing or going to school, she meets infinite infection-carrying bacteria and virus. Most of the infections get transmitted from hand to mouth. So, it is important to teach your child the importance of washing hands thoroughly before eating. If your child is already sick, keep her off crowded places till she gets completely well.


5. Consider herbal treatment 

Herbs are a great option to safeguard your child from diseases and infections during weather change. Turmeric, Tulsi, honey, ginger, lemon is some great remedies to treat common illness during weather change like cough, cold, loss of appetite or simply for strengthening the immune system.

These at-home herbs are great preventive remedies to protect your child throughout the year irrespective of any weather conditions.


Besides these, keep in mind the routine vaccinations that is a great way to immunize your child against any weather change.


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